People seem just a tad upset at the Atlantic article.

...People lost their jobs over this. They jailed a man for surfing when no one else was around. People died alone because the federal government banned hospital visits...

Covidians Want Amnesty

It was a pLandemic

..Covid panic was used to stop Trump's re-election. Democrats used covid as an excuse to flood the ballot box with mailed-in votes of a dubious nature...

This is not a forgiving time.
member that time they were saying that unvaccinated people shouldnt be given healthcare?

i member. ill always member.
Remember when the Emos went all apeshit on Ivermectin because Trump was given documents stating it worked against covid so the left banned it, killed a few million people by removing it, and then called it "horsey paste" and ridiculed anyone that took it.
It's almost impossible to find a news article that isn't loaded with opinions. Yeah, I miss the days when news articles were not filled with opinions.