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  • I don't frequent the forums anymore but you've always been the off the cuff reply that i've gone from chuckle to piss myself to. I fuckin hate the rep system but I try to toss one your way every chance I get, I just don't spread it around. Honestly you're probably the funniest dude left on this forum. I appreciate you.
    Hi, (sent also to Scoobysnack)

    I would like to formally request that pictures put on the forum of my wife and other family members by Plasmatic are immediately removed from the forum and that he is warned about continuing with posting such things. My wife and others in the pictures have no involvement with TW but do have professional reputations to protect, unlike myself. These pictures have been obtained from my wife's Linked in account and my Facebook page, and I'm quite sure this is against the TOS of the forum. The specific recent examples are as follows:

    Whats for dinner? by JuggerNaught - TribalWar Forums (Post 16 and 18)
    Do you have any female friends you wouldn't ****? by Mitchdubai - Page 3 - TribalWar Forums (Post 41)


    king of trieb teeshirt drive- you guys should bring it back! I need a beagle shirt. :) TW Shirt Drive | Teespring
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