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many of us are still recovering from the wounds of last night's battle in Virginia, but please be vigilant. a new threat emerges.

CDC Novel Coronavirus

Human to human transmission is now confirmed. I don't know how China intends to contain this when most of the country will be traveling around for Chinese New Year.

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It will be found, to late for most, that the antivirus will come from sea urchins.

"...A number of countries, including the United States, are actively screening incoming travelers from Wuhan and exported cases have been confirmed in Thailand, Japan, and South Koreaexternal icon..."

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tbh i saw in the british bbc corporation news that it's p much just sars 4 the newfag kids who weren't around for the 2002 hotness outbreak
i heard on the morning news today that someone died of the disease

an 89 year old

you can kill those people by knocking them over with a feather, how is that a news story
Twit: 只准進,不准出。有點嚇人。不知市內的隔離和保障措施怎樣
Hey, cael, what's that say? Does it say this:
This is an announcement of a local Wuhan authority, saying that no one is allowed to leave Wuhan until the outbreak dies out. I hope the city has enough measures to ensure the safety of its 10 million residents.


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and u guys laughed at pig ebola having the worms on the inside

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only cheap candles and smoking bath salt can save us now