Tribes 3: Rivals play test.

im glad plasmatic is having fun, i really am. I just wish he would see this for the poorly supported cash grab that it is
its been officially dead since launch

i would make an abortion joke but it actually had a succesful pre-release.
Re plas's video (how do i quote a post with a video and no text?) I just pasted the video link again? anyway....

That's what mine is doing.
LOL. They got an Ultimate Edition

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You mean the hitching mid air?
oh the issues with joining. I'm glad you show the whole thing. Click play > CTF, go to Shooting Prac while waiting, then get pulled through dimensional portal into a bot game with maybe one or two humans, then it says at end "Draw" even though the whole thing was "Waiting for players". Then we all get pulled to a real game and... sometimes it's the start of a match with lots of humans, but sometimes it's joining match half way through and it's like '' "Oh shit I just farked around for 10 mins and now I join a real pub match and they are already score 1-3 and we have 5 minutes left. Rince repeat.

I was suspecting "Holly shit this can't be happening all over the world. They must have forgot to update the Oceanic Server or something".. but nah Plasmatic's local server does it too.

Some locals here are saying maybe it's fixed, or improved. I'll try later.. but I'm going to start playing pugs and scrims and not pubs as the pugs and scrims systems seems to be working better.
Basic functionality compared to early tribes. I hope they fix some things. Wasn't an expensive game to buy. I enjoy it and like CTF.

how lively are the discord forums? lots of energizing discussions? erez has proactive and positive interactions with the community?