Tribes 3: Rivals play test.

I played last night for the 1st time since buying it. I can see that being pretty fun but I would want to group up. Solo gaming these days is boring af.
now the servers are bugged and you can only play with bots.....that's going to help
They made a mistake on Wednesday and now when you join, it takes longer, then you go into a bot game with maybe 1 or 2 other players, then sometimes a match starts, OR sometimes the humans join a game midway. It was working ok up till then. I figured they would have fixed it by now. I Just played a match with about 6 players and rest bots. Reading things, people are starting to say 7 x 7 on these sized maps is mostly likely a suitable number for match play. It is fast, but not too fast. Gets very hectic.

Pugs seem to be working well. I've been invited but feel too rusty to pug yet. Soon. Here the community has a pug Discord channel and you type a code and the bot adds you to the server. Will try it soon. So I think a lot of players are in the pugs esp while this server join fiasco is going on. I can see who is on what team in the pug etc form the Discord.
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