News keeps talking about the violence at Trumps campaign

yeah, it's pretty funny.

i've never heard of any trump supporters going to bernie/clinton rallies and causing trouble/protesting/inciting violence/shutting down rallies.

all of that stupid shit is coming from the left. it always has.

and the good american people are really starting to get angry about it.

it's about time. we've let them get away with it for too long. it's time to put a stop to it.
cnn keeps telling me that the black rioters waving bernie sanders signs and causing all the violence is because of the lizard people mind control of the trump horde
funny how u guys don't really understand the purpose of news media...or you pretend not to?
That's the current talking point.... The last one they tried (David Duke/KKK) failed. Before that, it was Trump's taxes... that one failed as well..... So now they are down to talking about violence..... except people are realizing that it's not Trump's people that are causing the problems, it's the paid agitators..... Lots of people woke up to that when they saw the Chicago story.
Can't have an uppity population, grassroots discontent and attacks against the status quo must be denigrated. A populace that doesn't challenge the status quo that's what America and Empire require.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask how far to bend over for your country.
- John F. Kennedy inaugural address 1962 (just before he ups US involvement in Vietnam lmao)
It's funny how every time there's a protest against Trump, it does nothing but canvass his supporters behind him, reinforcing their beliefs.

Geez, they may as well actually be part of his campaign strategy.



Nobody is voting for Trump

But against the fucktards who foam from the ass and mouth at the mere mentioning of his name

Voldemort reference is spot on
Its funny that people on this SJW fuckhead forum think that posting FACTUAL news about FACTUAL crimes is RAYCISTSSSSSS