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  • Heya check your PMs. Wanna sell me that TrackIr5? I'm about to order one.
    [02:48] * Now talking in #redstar
    [02:48] <r1cko> lol
    [02:48] <r1cko> legend
    [02:48] Allah is ~uhoh@affinity.users.quakenet.org * wah
    [02:48] Allah on @#redstar
    [02:48] Allah using *.quakenet.org QuakeNet IRC Server
    [02:48] Allah is authed as affinity
    [02:48] Allah End of /WHOIS list.
    You are a scholar and a gentleman.

    And now and then I see you on xbl but I'm not really playing anything as of now :|... bf3 from Santa though!
    hmm went back and reread the post you neg repped me for and, ya, embarrassing wording to say the least. so ok
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