Biden - Dimocrats Newest Criminal Candidate


Never. If Bernie doesn't win this shit, I'm gonna start supporting Strumph and hope you American bros suck it and starve to death in the next 4 years
This post aged well.

By the way, no one gives a flying fuck who you support. You aren't American so you don't get a vote and your opinion means exactly dick squat. Fuck off back to your 3rd world shithole.
Ryan Fournier on Twitter:

i like how you take his 'admission of guilt' totally out of context

and believe youre keyed in on some main nerve and know better than the thousands of journalists that have covered the story from every angle

literally brain washing yourselves


Isn't it completely normal for a relatively unskilled American boy to get a high level job with a foreign energy company?

Surely everyone get offers like that don't they?

Nothing to see here, completely normal.
Cat lady videos are great. I guess that's Canada's version of Pizza Gate. Crap like that won't happen in today's world because everyone is plugged into the internet with a phone and camera.
whats the argument?

look at jared kushner

he's not even qualified to wipe his own ass

yet he's leading (confusing) the corona virus response

So don't be mad at trump when you have a rapist and nepotism representing the dems/left/faggots also

JFC use your brain.. turns out you are not mad about that shit.. you are mad cause you suck and trump is winning
Seems to me President Trump's family are the only ones he should trust at this point.*
I think they're doing a great job.
I would vote for Donald Jr. or Ivanka
would you vote for Hunter?

*(i don't really even trust Pence; I'm not sure our President does either)
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idk and idc

but i will say Trump has done exactly what youre hating on Biden for, and more

but you dont care about that or literally defend him every time someone points it out

its a cult
I am only pointing out the hypocrisy of the hate for trump... dems/left/faggots started that shit.

Pointing out the hypocrisy is justified

I could care less about biden family or trump family.. nepotism exists in every corner of america.

Grow up and smell the bullshit before going off half cocked with absolutely no understanding of how the world currently functions.. for good or bad
Recognize it is, and has always been about "my" side winning.

Your little bullshit complaints about trump are based off the fact you lost.. not because Trump did something despicable.

Both side are equally guilty of that shit.

Wake up.. think critically.