Biden - Dimocrats Newest Criminal Candidate


Veteran XX
Kumalala - Dimocrats Newest Criminal Candidate

What's Old is New
Stealing the nomination isn't the only thing he's stolen.

Well, at least he has endorsements James Comey Endorses Joe Biden, Who Rejects It

But not everyones
‘I Am Not Planning To Endorse,’ Hillary Clinton Tells NPR
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this is going to be a great trainwreck for the dems

they know damn well he's damaged goods and is clearly becoming senile by the day

will their hate trump love?
Welcome Bernie supporters.
Let all your frustrations out here,
and then remember to rally around Biden
after Bernya endorses him.

then again, you could just stay home come November

or really hurt the criminals who fucked you over and vote for
President Donald Trump
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Never. If Bernie doesn't win this shit, I'm gonna start supporting Strumph and hope you American bros suck it and starve to death in the next 4 years
Biden surges to victory across Super Tuesday map, as Sanders claims delegate prize in California

"I'm here to report: We are very much alive! And make no mistake about it, this campaign will send Donald Trump packing," he told fired-up supporters in Los Angeles.

Probably to Mara Lago for a week of vacation after winning the election.
Does this decadence make you sick; just think, could have paid off that girls $188,000 student loan with just one of those chairs
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