[1.41] Tribes AfterHope


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download afterhope here:
- Tribes.AfterHope.1.41.zip
- Tribes_141_win8_pluginfix.zip (windows 8)

what is afterhope
- this is a patch which puts functional lasthope queries back into 1.40. the original 1.40 bypasses lasthope. lasthope is the anticheat system we still use today, originally created by andrew.

features (same as lasthope)
- memory scanning
- model validation

- you must be using a tribes 1.40 installation to use this. this will not work with 1.11 / 1.30 installs.
- back up / rename your original tribes.exe
- unzip / place into your tribes folder (where your original tribes.exe is)

is it working?
- at the first screen when you open tribes, look at the bottom right corner. it should say 1.41

- the lasthope scan for emjay's leaked terp will kick for netset, so server owners should remove that. theres no point in having it.
- all 1.40 plugins will work with 1.41
- you can use the link www.tinyurl.com/tribes141 to lead people to this thread

server code
- 1.41 clients now respond validly to your server's lasthope queries. update your server configs accordingly. perform a few scans to validate the different results to differentiate the clients. if you run a server and you need info, pm me

- mariejane, nofix, bugs
- stork, groove

why am i getting kicked from other servers while running 1.41 (troc mem.dll, emjay terp)?
- 1.41 responds to lasthope queries, and old lasthope configs will false positive on the 1.41 client. if these servers haven't updated their lasthope configs, then you'll have to use the 1.40 executable to play on those servers. sorry.
- for server owners, this means that when you scan clients, you need to use your first scan to determine client version, then scan accordingly.
my tribes feels different now
- its all in your head. 1.41 doesnt touch anything that would affect you.
are you sure?
- yes
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nice work dude=)

Maybe we can have anti cheat draft tournament! Or just a match with 2 teams.

I will captain 1 team for a match in base:)
opsayo asked me that I tell all of you that this stops "my hacks".

it stops "my hacks", really.

So all the people using it having a disadvantage now (sleepy, opsayo und izza)

enjoy clean tribes, good job opsayo!!