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JustinCase 11-15-2016 09:02


SuperTrap 11-15-2016 09:03

Won't someone think of the tables!?

Brontez 11-15-2016 09:09

A+ thread, would read again!

Rooster128 11-15-2016 09:22

Someone summarize the thread!

Goshin 11-15-2016 09:24


trump rump bump pump!

SuperTrap 11-15-2016 09:25


Originally Posted by Rooster128 (Post 18674604)
Someone summarize the thread!

Ocean of tears

T-Dawg 11-15-2016 09:28

Inb4 hof


Danno 11-15-2016 09:30

Louis CK is a cuckasaurus rex. /thread

SuicideSnowman 11-15-2016 09:33

Trump election: Defcon nuclear threat REDUCED to safest level | World | News | Daily Express

Can't stop winning.

T-Dawg 11-15-2016 09:33

Louie Louie Louie Louieeeee
Louie Louie Louie Louwaaaah

SuperTrap 11-15-2016 09:35

Wait, wait.. one more thing

REPORT: Hillary Clinton Became PHYSICALLY VIOLENT on Election Night and Tore Into Robby Mook and John Podesta


Radio host Todd Kincannon from The Kincannon Show tweeted today that a CNN reporter told him Hillary Clinton became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight last Tuesday as the presidency was slipping away.

CNN reporter tells me Hillary became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight; had to be briefly restrained.

— The Kincannon Show (@kincannon_show) November 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton did not make it on stage that night. She sent John Podesta out instead.

Hillary was drunk.

She was. I posted about that too. She was in a "psychotic drunken rage" according to my reporter friend. Doctor added sedatives to the mix. Robert Wright on Twitter:

— The Kincannon Show (@kincannon_show) November 15, 2016

The reporter said CNN would not publish the story!

The CNN reporter didn't fail to report it. His editors will not let him. CNN has banned all "Hillary in the bunker" stories. J Deplorable Valette on Twitter:

— The Kincannon Show (@kincannon_show) November 15, 2016
Where Was Hillary? | The American Spectator


The thing is, Hillary had gone into a rage when she learned she had lost. She was shouting obscenities and throwing things. As has been reported for years, her violent temper got the best of her. Talk about having a temperament ill-suited for having access to the atomic bomb.

Sources have told The American Spectator that on Tuesday night, after Hillary realized she had lost, she went into a rage. Secret Service officers told at least one source that she began yelling, screaming obscenities, and pounding furniture. She picked up objects and threw them at attendants and staff. She was in an uncontrollable rage. Her aides could not allow her to come out in public. It would take her hours to calm down. So Podesta went out and gave his aimless speech. I wish we could report on Bill’s whereabouts but we cannot. We shall work on that.

JustinCase 11-15-2016 10:08


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