You raff yuo roose v.3871

oh i bet you explained it you sick fuck

Mom: There is this billboard outside that looks like someone spray painted it.

Me: Oh yeah what does it say?
Mom: But I poop from there, what does that mean?
Me: You remember those old creepy fucks I played Tribes with?
Mom: It's okay honey you don't have to continue explaining. I understand and I know the doctors said to not bring up the T.W.
Way to not know the difference between a bullhorn and a train horn.

Derp aside, I think the train horn pranks are hilarious. Somebody honked one coming through a college campus when me and some contractors were on the side of the road. I died laughing.
Er, yes it is a bullhorn... Either way, who gives a shit? It's like punching a hobo and isn't really funny. It's just psychotic.
Sounds like you have a weak asshole from wanton buttslamming, and live your life in fear of being pranked by a trainhorn.