Where is the best place to go to flee this liberal shit hole?

I'm moving to Mexico they have laws about things but nobody listens to them. Oh yeah there's no guns in Mexico right except if the Democrats deliver them to us.
Away from major cities in red states. In Florida that would be the Ocala / Leesburg area in the middle of the state.

The liberals and bums invade major cities for free stuff.
Spent 2 months there this summer. Awesome place, liberal as fuck.

yeah this is a trick question

somewhere that is 100% white usually has more white guilt than any other place on planet

somewhere that is 100% conservative will soon have so much economic prosperity that the homeless and minorities will all move there again until they are forced to run away



It may take a couple years but they'll come after that girl and kill her. She has the correct idea. There's over 100 verses in the Quran telling Muslims to kill those who don't believe. Instead of burning the book, people should recite the violent verses, then burn that page of the book.

I wouldn't leave the USA for good or vacations. Florida is good because we have a republican governor. Honestly, I'd check the city to see what their sales tax is. For example, the Broward area where I live is 6%. Miami Dade is 6.5%, it's higher and I'd never buy a big ticket item like a car. If your city mayor or state governor is liberal then you can be sure there's a lot of money going to bums.

As far as the protests and all that shit, I don't get involved except talking about it here and voting.
That's where I live and the "Live Free or Die" thing is a lie. Tax Free, another lie. They do let you ride motorcycles without a helmet, by don't you dare think you can drive without a seatbelt.

helmets should be required

either that, or motorcyclists who don't wear helmets aren't allowed insurance coverage

also, the motorcyclist's family has to pay anyone who sees him die large sums of money for preventable trauma
wat is the point of insuring a head w/ nothing in it?

o nevermind i thought u were saying they should have mandatory insurance