TribalWar Tribes 1: Allstar Team League


Make an account and sign up with your team on @ Tribes 1 All-star Ladder - Challonge

Rules: ????? Fuck you don't cheat. Use anti cheat if other team wants it. Make your most stacked pub stomp team with your friends and try to be #1

Prize: Aspergers

Demo: Yes everyone demo or perma banned forever.
opsayo can come lurk in obs silently debating whether to play pu or just brood and rtcll can talk about his animal murdering fetish etc
challonge is apparent fucking dumb and u need to invite them by username/email after theyve regged they cant sign up

please send an email to challonge webmasters tell them to fix this shit
i dont have an xcel for this read the op get them on the site or just talk like a human being about match times and rosters etc

dont kill any puppies or rage the fuck out take deep breaths if u have too etc