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fraggle 01-28-2009 13:28

You have received a new private message at TribalWar Forums from Kurayami, entitled "

************************* **

Dear fraggle,

You have received a new private message at TribalWar Forums from Kurayami, entitled "Good job".

To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here:

This is the message that was sent:
You've proven just how creepy and sociopathic you are.

You win. I'm done with TW.

Again, please do not reply to this email. You must go to the following page to reply to this private message:

All the best,
TribalWar Forums

proton 01-28-2009 13:28

more fake drama?

edit: oh wow i missed all this

coombz 01-28-2009 13:28

ding dong the wicked witch is dead

edit: CLIFFS

dionysus leaked kuras real name to naptown and k0tz
naptown leaked it to fraggle
fraggle leaked it to tribalwar
k0tz leaked in his pants
kurayami left because everyone now has proof that he is the massive loser we always knew he was
fraggle got banned for taking the internet too seriously
everyone who ever got owned by kura came into this thread to dance on his grave

Hoovie 01-28-2009 13:28

good job

Metropolis 01-28-2009 13:28


Golazo 01-28-2009 13:28


Originally Posted by fraggle (Post 14216411)

amRam 01-28-2009 13:28


JustinCase 01-28-2009 13:29

page first posting

RF Tesla 01-28-2009 13:29

Never would have guessed

edit: epic

CjBurden 01-28-2009 13:29

1st page

Durak 01-28-2009 13:29

**** i thought my kurayami picture thread would do him in first

Krayvok 01-28-2009 13:30

Sounds pretty lame

This spot is now for sale. PM for more information.

Rosdower 01-28-2009 13:30


CERVICAL-KREMS 01-28-2009 13:30


JohnMcClane 01-28-2009 13:30

if you ask me, you're both creepy

magicalgod254 01-28-2009 13:31


ReaListik 01-28-2009 13:31

he'll be back

bsmack 01-28-2009 13:32

first page

uno 01-28-2009 13:32


CMVDA 01-28-2009 13:32

Wow, I got on page 1 of one of these

uno 01-28-2009 13:32

how to get rid of a creepy mother****er? Be creepier to him.

CrazyTexan 01-28-2009 13:32


FalseMyrmidon 01-28-2009 13:33

Stupid Kurafraggle threads.

blazindave 01-28-2009 13:34

What's the story behind it?

triple 01-28-2009 13:35

page 2, but what'd you do?

TF_Grungir 01-28-2009 13:35


ZodiaK 01-28-2009 13:35

i'm pretty sure he's making fun of you for all the times you throw a fit and "quit" tw until some silly stipulation (an apology, name change, etc) is met.

Xcursion 01-28-2009 13:36


SoulAuctioneer 01-28-2009 13:36


Unomas 01-28-2009 13:37

Wow, Kura must've really gotten to fraggle. For all the **** fraggle talks, you have to get trolled pretty hard to care this much.

havax 01-28-2009 13:37

blah blah blah

Fancy Cat 01-28-2009 13:38

he'll be back

i got 5 on it

Darkstrand 01-28-2009 13:38

nonstop fake fat guy drama threads are getting old!

coombz 01-28-2009 13:40

at least this is real drama rather than tedious and overly manufactured drama

even if it is kura-drama which i don't find that entertaining

Phrozen 01-28-2009 13:40

Kura will be back. Lock of the century. Even better odds than cards +8 and guaranteed McCain victory.

Kelven 01-28-2009 13:40

so what fraggle do to him??

Empirion 01-28-2009 13:40


PotatoBoatCaptain 01-28-2009 13:41

Epic, posting early in this HoF thread.

eggo 01-28-2009 13:41


KittyCat 01-28-2009 13:41

fraggle arent u happy naptown etippd u and i was the one that found his name

to bad i have morals and didnt release it

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