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Data 07-19-2013 16:28

TribalWar Shirt Drive -- Design Submission
This is a long post. Prepare your anus.

To raise money for this site, I'm going to be doing a limited run of TW- and Tribes-themed shirts and selling them here. 100% of proceeds will go into the TW Paypal account to help Rayn keep the lights on and pay for his hookers & blow habit. This is all with Rayn's blessing.

The first thing(s) I'll need from you guys are the designs. Specifically, I need the Stonehenge Pub and the Tribes Ski Team graphics. If somebody can get a hold of Terra (Rich Stud) for me that might be helpful. I don't know how involved he was with the designs, but he might still have the high-resolution images handy from the last big shirt thing we did. It looks like Scuzzle may have done the Ski Team design back in January '05. Scuzzle... you out there bud? If either of them need to be tweaked or updated I will take care of that.

I'm also taking design suggestions. If you have skill and want to contribute some artwork, please do. We will vote on them and the top 2 or 3 will be made available for purchase, if there's enough interest. We cannot use anything that might be considered intellectual property of Hi-Rez Studios -- this includes the Tribes 1 & 2 logos, unfortunately. The KISS principle is in full effect. Your design should be single-sided and no more than 2 colors. If you do graphic design you probably already know what that means.

So how is this going to work?

1. Once we have 4-5 designs ready I will make a public poll to determine which one we'll print first. I can get a better rate at my shirt hook-up if we do them in smaller batches, and that's easier for me logistically anyway. The poll response will help me gauge interest and allow me to estimate an order size, which will in turn give me the per-shirt price for you guys.

2. After the poll closes I will ask everyone interested in buying that shirt to send their money to a Paypal account I'm setting up exclusively for this drive. You'll have about 5-7 days to get your order in, to keep it fair for people who might be waiting on a payday or something.

3. Your orders will be counted and sent to the shirt shop. They will be nice shirts. Because I'm buying a few myself and I don't wear chintzy shirts from CafePress. We're looking at either Gildan or American Apparel. I'll let you know when we get closer to order time. I expect a 3-5 day turnaround.

4. Once I have shirts in hand I'll let everyone know and we'll begin to pack them up for shipping. I'll probably use USPS Priority Mail. Depending on the order size this could take several days.

5. After the orders are filled and the last shirt is shipped I'll dump the remaining Paypal balance over to TW with screenshots and put everything in a GoogleDocs spreadsheet for you nerds to scrutinize. This fund raiser will have all the transparency the Obama administration is sorely lacking. :ralf:

6. This process will repeat every few weeks until we've gone through all the designs. If there's interest at the end I might (maybe) consider placing 1 more order for people who missed the window. But only if you're nice about it.


I'm sure I missed a few things and you'll be pointing them out shortly.

Guidelines for Designers
1. Must be an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file. Vector graphics only please.
2. Must be 1 or 2 flat colors. No gradients. Higher contrast works better and gets us cheaper shirts, so pick your colors wisely.
3. No size requirements. The shop will scale your vector art to the shirt prior to printing. Just realize that excessive detail will be lost in the transition to analog (ink).
4. Have an idea what color shirt you're designing for. I'll get you some color swatches tomorrow. You don't need to actually use the shirt color in your drawing, but you can design around it if you choose.
(Ex.) You have a green shirt. Part of your design includes a 4-leaf clover. Instead of drawing a green clover, draw a flat white outline of one and leave it open. Your green shirt will provide the color.

If you need more or want something clarified, ask away.

Edit 2:

Originally Posted by Data (Post 17768839)
I need final designs by the end of the week (26 July) so we can get the vote going on the first run and get our order submitted. Most of the creative energy will be tapped out by then anyway.

Spxnge 07-19-2013 16:30

Just put juggernaught's Ssn on that ****

def 07-19-2013 16:30

Thanks Data for being the guy to step up to do this, since no one else (including myself) would.

I took pictures of the 2 shirts I bought. Wish I had got the stonehenge shirt instead of ski team.

Rayn 07-19-2013 16:44

ElectroWaffle 07-19-2013 16:44

Can someone make NGFM themed shirts?

MaD_ReBeL 07-19-2013 16:45

i want 2 each of the originals and will consider other designs as well.

Fool 07-19-2013 16:49

Post specs for design submissions

Chaol 07-19-2013 16:50


Originally Posted by ElectroWaffle (Post 17766985)
Can someone make NGFM themed shirts?

I managed a lifetime ban from Universal Studios and all I got was this stupid t-shirt

Obibun 07-19-2013 16:50

I feel like Tribes Ski Team would be an easy enough design to re-do if you can't find the original lol

epidemic 07-19-2013 16:50

i might have 2 buy some shirts

if u ******s come through w/ designs

havax 07-19-2013 16:50


Originally Posted by ElectroWaffle (Post 17766985)
Can someone make NGFM themed shirts?

Rayn 07-19-2013 16:51

yeah but that shirt kind of sucks

havax 07-19-2013 16:52

your mom sucks

houston 07-19-2013 16:52

Rayn 07-19-2013 16:56

i have that one but it says Rayn under the logo and it says pics or it didn't happen on the back

i wear it only to the gym

ElectroWaffle 07-19-2013 16:58


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 17766998)
yeah but that shirt kind of sucks

A drawing of NGFM wearing a horse shirt on a shirt?! Kind of awesome looking.

Rayn 07-19-2013 17:00

no the tribes ski team shirt dude.

the ngfm clearly is awesome.

ElectroWaffle 07-19-2013 17:01

Thank goodness, I thought we were about to split hairs there for a second.

ElectroWaffle 07-19-2013 17:02

The "NoGodForMe T-Shirt Tribute" T-Shirt Series Collection

hyung 07-19-2013 17:04

i wouldnt mind buying some shirts if they were subtle and made to fit people with chiseled physiques

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