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Paladins fans protest lootbox system with lots of terrible mspaint art

Submitted by: Amadeus @ 05:11 PM | Tuesday, February 20, 2018 | (url: https://www.youtu...)


The whole "cards unbound" system was met with a lot of pushback from the cummunity since the day it was announced. Now reddit is going full protest mode and flooding itself with minimal effort "fan art". Some of it is pretty hilarious.



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Tags: hirez

02-20-18 - 05:12 PM
get the fuck out of here with your HiRez bullshit
02-20-18 - 05:16 PM
im suprise hirez didnt go full lootbox earlier... theyve always been that indie with AAA tier jewmongering
02-20-18 - 05:17 PM
fuck hirez
02-20-18 - 05:36 PM
HIRez announces that in light of recent torrent of negative feedback that they have closed Reddit.
02-20-18 - 06:21 PM
02-20-18 - 08:40 PM
grats to amadeus for picking up the shittiest poster on tw title after mitch recently fake quit
02-20-18 - 11:49 PM
what in the fuck
02-21-18 - 06:00 AM
Originally posted by The Magical Zoo  
fuck hirez
02-21-18 - 09:09 AM
I can't say 'Paladins fans' deserve anything but shit from HiRez in the first place. What did people think this dev studio was going to do?
02-21-18 - 09:26 AM
I'd never heard of the game before this
02-21-18 - 10:30 AM
but what does this have to do with my little pony?
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