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[Gaming News] IndieGoGo Ready to Recoup Crowdfunding for Sinclair ZX Vega+ Handheld

Submitted by: Edofnor @ 05:25 PM | Monday, February 5, 2018 | (url: http://www.bbc.co...)

The team behind a controversial video games console has given a fresh delivery date pledge after the crowdfunding platform it used threatened to recoup backers' funds.

The Sinclair ZX Vega+ handheld was originally scheduled for delivery in September 2016, but has been repeatedly delayed.


Indiegogo told the BBC on Friday that it had set an end-of-May deadline.

The US company intends to appoint a third-party collections agency to obtain and return the 85 to 100 paid by consumers to get one of the machines, if that target is missed.


The London-based company (Retro Computers Ltd.) had raised 512,790 via Indiegogo for the project before it was blocked from raising further funds last year due to delays and a lack of communication with backers.


In a series of updates posted to Indiegogo, RCL acknowledged that it had "understandably been criticised for extended periods of 'radio silence'". It said it had been the subject of a "troll campaign" of criticism and blamed a series of issues for the delays, including:

-- a legal dispute with former company director Paul Andrews among others

-- a light bleed into the display of the device caused by problems with the original design of its plastic casing

-- a need to re-engineer the console's buttons, which are now said to be more comfortable


The BBC last reported on the Vega+ campaign in March 2017.

The company requested that the article not be published at the time on the grounds that it might compromise a police investigation.

The BBC did delay publication to give the company time to provide relevant evidence, but it never did so.


The latest promises are being made a week after a judge at Luton County Court ordered RCL to refund one of the console's backers, as reported by The Register...

[center]Image of "latest prototypes" posted by RCL[/img]

02-05-18 - 05:42 PM
i'm waiting for the curtis mathes console myself
02-06-18 - 10:20 AM
If Sony would release a psp with two bumper buttons I wouldn't need another retro console again. Especially if it was somehow strong enough for ps2 games.
02-06-18 - 10:22 AM
~but the PSP is even stronger than a PS2! sony said so!~
02-06-18 - 10:24 AM
Sony says a lot of things. (I've read their eMails :lol:)
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