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British man faces Dubai jail for smoking cannabis before he traveled there

Submitted by: Odio @ 02:54 PM | Saturday, December 16, 2017 | (url: https://www.rt.co...)

A British man is facing two years in a horrific Dubai prison after cannabis was found in his bloodstream. He claims he smoked the drug in the UK before travelling to the Gulf country to turn over a new leaf.
Connor Clements, 24, from Liverpool, says he had been sleeping on the floor of a cell with 25 others before being released on bail. Flying to Dubai to change his life and to start work as a waiter, he was arrested after medical tests at his new job revealed traces of cannabis.

Because of the United Arab Emirates zero-tolerance policy on drugs, the presence of cannabis in the bloodstream is classed as possession.

During a court hearing which, Clements claims, lasted less than a minute, he was sentenced to two years in prison and is now out on bail, ahead of his appeal hearing just before Christmas. His passport has been confiscated.

The Everton man told the Liverpool Echo: They are saying I smoked it here - but I did [it] back home, they have got no proof... I used to smoke a lot back home.
He added that he moved to Dubai because he had become stuck in a rut and wanted a fresh start. I came here to stop everything. It was a chance for me to change my life. But its been nothing but a nightmare," he said.

Following his arrest, Clements spent several weeks in a Dubai prison, describing the experience as horrific." He said the prison is atrocious. I didnt even go outside once. It was a living nightmare. They put me in a room with 25 people, I was sleeping on the floor. I didnt know what to do. I cant speak Arabic. No-one spoke English. It was outrageous. I dont want to go back in prison."

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12-16-17 - 07:17 PM
12-16-17 - 07:23 PM
Man I really need a fresh start... think I'll go to an Islamic shithole
12-16-17 - 11:47 PM
So if you do a heap of drugs in another country while on vacation, then return back to the US and they have drug testing that week at your work you will somehow be excused ???

I don't think so, you just hate Dubai b/c Mitch is so successful there & you are an islamophobe
12-17-17 - 03:18 AM
if u r caught smoking pot here, they throw you in a cell with 25 people that don't speak English too. it's called san Antonio.
12-17-17 - 03:20 AM
why move all the way to dubai when u can just move to a dry county in the us and get the same experience except the whackjobs are white christians
12-17-17 - 03:33 AM
wow lots of racist ppl on tribalwar forums hate america and hate the christmas spirit

12-17-17 - 03:51 AM
This thread again, starring Captain Tryhard :rolleyes:
12-17-17 - 04:25 AM
12-17-17 - 11:23 AM
In his defense I could see how someone would want to go to Dubai if they have had drug problems and do not have self control to say "no". No temptation there..

However he is a moron for not thinking they would drug test. He didn't turn over the right "leaf" har har amirite
12-17-17 - 12:07 PM
12-17-17 - 02:41 PM
I would think that a state would know that THC gets stored in the fat cells and stays there for 30-days. From what i understand, Cali and a few other states are getting these THC testing strips for using on drivers because of how long THC stays in someones system. Basically, the State wants the income from people driving loaded so THC could very well be a cash cow but because it stays in the persons system for so long, they need a way to determine if it was recently consumed.

Sucks to be this dude. On the bright side, at least he's been sober. :lol:
12-17-17 - 05:11 PM
Keep him locked up for being dumb enough to think moving to Dubai would help his personal problems. Went there to change his life? Looks like that did end up happening after all.
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