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British man faces Dubai jail for smoking cannabis before he traveled there

Submitted by: Odio @ 02:54 PM | Saturday, December 16, 2017 | (url: https://www.rt.co...)

A British man is facing two years in a horrific Dubai prison after cannabis was found in his bloodstream. He claims he smoked the drug in the UK before travelling to the Gulf country to turn over a new leaf.
Connor Clements, 24, from Liverpool, says he had been sleeping on the floor of a cell with 25 others before being released on bail. Flying to Dubai to change his life and to start work as a waiter, he was arrested after medical tests at his new job revealed traces of cannabis.

Because of the United Arab Emirates zero-tolerance policy on drugs, the presence of cannabis in the bloodstream is classed as possession.

During a court hearing which, Clements claims, lasted less than a minute, he was sentenced to two years in prison and is now out on bail, ahead of his appeal hearing just before Christmas. His passport has been confiscated.

The Everton man told the Liverpool Echo: They are saying I smoked it here - but I did [it] back home, they have got no proof... I used to smoke a lot back home.
He added that he moved to Dubai because he had become stuck in a rut and wanted a fresh start. I came here to stop everything. It was a chance for me to change my life. But its been nothing but a nightmare," he said.

Following his arrest, Clements spent several weeks in a Dubai prison, describing the experience as horrific." He said the prison is atrocious. I didnt even go outside once. It was a living nightmare. They put me in a room with 25 people, I was sleeping on the floor. I didnt know what to do. I cant speak Arabic. No-one spoke English. It was outrageous. I dont want to go back in prison."

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12-16-17 - 02:56 PM
no big deal

midget of dumbai will be in here to unpaid professionally cuck and apologize any minute now


Vegas aint got nothing on that
12-16-17 - 02:57 PM
Why aren't Dubai jails nicer?
12-16-17 - 03:01 PM
Originally posted by Fool  
Why aren't Dubai jails nicer?

they don't want to make the slaves jealous





once they find out the prisons are better than their work housing the gig is up.

Bitchdubai will have to fend for himself and make his own fish curry

raise his own kids

fornicate with his own wife
12-16-17 - 03:04 PM
i mean jfc


how do you punish these poor people?



12-16-17 - 03:05 PM
I love that they all have hardhats and hi-viz vests, as if anyone gives 2 fucks about their safety. You can tell some Western outfit is in charge of running the project.
12-16-17 - 03:08 PM
safety first

not stealing passports

treating your help worse than the dirt they dig up and sweep second

and someone once accused Dubai of being all surface paint

a glossy gold plated sand box kitty liter turd
12-16-17 - 03:08 PM
Mitch would sell his children off to the Muslims if it meant he could keep his jag

This is the person we are dealing with he has no soul
12-16-17 - 03:09 PM
no kidding

i see why he hates guns so much

people using their free speech online

i mean holy shit he would be dead and under a dune ditch if these people could get access to anything more than a hard helmet and shovel unsupervised

to him and his bubble life this is the threat that America poses

12-16-17 - 03:13 PM
It would be actually pretty sweet if all the Indians and Chinese slaves in Dubai rioted and took out the mitches of the world and Muslim oil lords
12-16-17 - 03:14 PM
i am very much looking forward to that tbh

i just wish i could be there on top of dubai tower with a bullhorn yelling "everybody stay calm, sharia law will be here to protect you......robot ipod cops in Ferraris are on their way"

as mitch tries to make the woman and children step out first
12-16-17 - 04:24 PM
Originally posted by Captain Tele  
no kidding


i am so glad that is a challenger and it's the right color a+
12-16-17 - 04:38 PM
well at least they have some pretty tall buildings he can jump off of.
12-16-17 - 04:58 PM
Mitch better watch it. If they detect semen on his breath his "I sucked a dick in the US, not here" strat will fail.
12-16-17 - 05:34 PM
british people need to find a new hobby other than breaking medieval dubai laws
12-16-17 - 06:32 PM
move to Dubai for a fresh start
not New York
not Singapore
not Ottawa
not Tokyo

never go full retard.
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