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21 year old Brit faces jail in Dubai just for witnessing punch up in hotel bar

Submitted by: Odio @ 05:17 PM | Friday, December 1, 2017 | (url: https://www.rt.co...)

A British woman could go to jail for a Dubai bar fight she wasnt even in. The row broke out between her friends and a drunk Swedish man, but it is Asa Hutchinson who is facing prison time because she lives in the UAE.
The 21-year-old, who originally hails from Chelmsford in Essex, claims that she was not even present when the fisticuffs broke out between the drunken 50-year-old man and her friends.

The group were leaving Dusty's bar and restaurant in the Dubai International Financial Centre district when the fight broke out. Hutchinsons pals had been taking photos with the intoxicated man, a technology company executive, who was passed out on a couch. He woke up during the impromptu photoshoot and started swinging.
Hutchinson claims she returned to the lobby upon hearing the commotion, but was not involved in the fracas.

The drunken Swede complained to police that the boys had taken his photo without consent and had been rude, both of which are against the law in Dubai. Hutchinsons friends paid a cash deposit to police to get their passports returned to them, which they promptly used to flee the country.

Hutchinson has been arrested in their stead, charged with assault and theft after the 50-year-olds reading glasses went missing in the commotion. Hutchinson could face up to six months in prison over the incident.

Although the drunken man was the one throwing punches, the first person to lodge a complaint with police is the one most likely to be believed in the eyes of Dubais legal system.

It is so unfair. I was not involved. I just happened to be there, but the police are not interested in anything I have to say, Hutchinson said. Once the man made his complaint, it was taken as fact. I cant go to jail, I couldnt cope.

Hutchinsons father, Iain, told the Times that the Swedish man that came out swinging should be the one languishing in jail. This older guy was the one hitting everyone he is picking on my young daughter, he said.

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12-01-17 - 05:23 PM
what do you expect when you go to a third-world coutry
12-01-17 - 05:24 PM
visit a sharia sandbox shithole and pay the toll

she shouldn't have been woman in public if she didn't want this to happen

alcohol and not being wrapped head to toe in black fabric just doubles the consequences of her actions
12-01-17 - 05:26 PM
Pretty nice of her friends to flee the country on her.
12-01-17 - 05:27 PM
nothin will happen 2 these ppl they never do

these crooked dubai cops shakedown ex pats and tourists knowing they are wealthy and afraid of everything

you never hear ppl actually getting real jail time

heres ur fine now get the fuck out and shh
12-01-17 - 05:28 PM
The UAE is a backwards, corrupt muslim shitstain pretending to be a progressive capitalist tourist destination. These stupid fucking white people keep falling for it. I have zero sympathy for a Brit who put herself in this situation. If you are not an Emerati national, stay the fuck out of Dubai! White skin = it's not a matter of if they will fuck you, but when.
12-01-17 - 05:30 PM
i hear they are putting lewd and nefarious pornography charges against her from being from ESSEX........even saying the word sex when interrogated without being married
12-01-17 - 05:31 PM
And the left wants all these bullshit rules here in the states. Not to mention gays are supposed to be killed. Why the liberals tolerate this crap is beyond me. At least Trump gets it.
12-01-17 - 05:34 PM
Originally posted by NoGodForMe  
And the left wants all these bullshit rules here in the states. Not to mention gays are supposed to be killed. Why the liberals tolerate this crap is beyond me. At least Trump gets it.


what do we want

our lives as feminists ruined

when do we want it.......


it is like these women want to prove that they can't think for themselves and need to be subjugated to have a normal life
12-01-17 - 05:34 PM
lol what
12-01-17 - 08:42 PM
Actually - I side with Dubai on this one. I am sick of dipshit kids taking pictures of eveything and thinking it's great. Fuck em. Stay off my lawn too, cunts.
12-01-17 - 08:58 PM
Pubai is a cluster fuck is stupid dumb fucking rules
12-01-17 - 09:04 PM
Originally posted by Fool  
Pretty nice of her friends to flee the country on her.

2b expected when u consider the manner in which they instigated a fight
12-01-17 - 09:23 PM
oh shit odio is posting FRONT PAGE ARTICLES again
12-01-17 - 09:28 PM
Look at that slut showing her neck off

Lock her up!
12-01-17 - 09:46 PM
"She's so innocent because !"

:lol: She was being a dumb, rude cunt along side her friends who were taking selfies/pictures of the drunk and got caught.
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