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[WW3] North Korea fires missile over Japan in 'unprecedented threat'

Submitted by: Edofnor @ 10:29 PM | Monday, August 28, 2017 | (url: http://http://www...)

North Korea has fired a missile over northern Japan in a move Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called an "unprecedented" threat to his country.

The missile, launched early on Tuesday Korean time, flew over Hokkaido island before crashing into the sea.

The UN Security Council is expected to hold an emergency meeting in response.


No effort was made by the Japanese to shoot down the missile but it issued a safety warning telling citizens in Hokkaido to take shelter in "a sturdy building or basement".

US and Japanese forces are currently taking part in training drills in Hokkaido.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in ordered a show of "overwhelming" force in response to the launch. Four South Korean jets staged a live bombing drill on Tuesday.

Mr Abe said he had spoken to US President Donald Trump and that both agreed to increase pressure on North Korea.

Mr Abe called the launch an "outrageous act" and an "unprecedented, serious and grave threat [that] greatly damages regional peace and security".

He said his government was doing its utmost to protect people's lives.

North Korea's conventional and nuclear weapons programmes are a breach of international sanctions, so the test is being seen as a major provocation and an escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula.


In other reaction:

A meeting of South Korea's National Security Council (NSC) was convened to discuss the issue, Yonhap reported.
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson expressed "outrage" at North Korea's "reckless provocation".
Australia has condemned the launch as a "provocative, dangerous, destabilising and threatening act".
The Pentagon said that Tuesday's test did not represent a threat to the US and the military was now working to gather more intelligence about it.

08-28-17 - 10:29 PM
08-28-17 - 10:32 PM
Also - I wonder just how many MOABS and traditional high explosives are going to rain down soon? I am not sure folks understand what a punch we can delivery without nukes yet. And from quite a distance too. Time for a show. Light that shit up. They are way, way overdue. Get em Trump. Glad you are in office and not a pussy. Use the UN - force China to agree enough is enough and then put this little cocksucker out of our misery.
08-28-17 - 11:00 PM
we have like 12 nuclear submarines in striking distance of n. kor.

game over man
08-28-17 - 11:26 PM
nothing gonna happen until somebody dies, unfortunately
08-28-17 - 11:35 PM
Originally posted by Brasstax  

this does sum up the situation perfectly
08-29-17 - 12:18 AM
Originally posted by LGBR  
nothing gonna happen until somebody dies, unfortunately

possibly for the best

since when something happens lots are going to die

even if they are just north koreans
08-29-17 - 12:44 AM
dont they do this regularly... its like having that addiction where u keep breaking into a girls dorm to jizz into her panty drawer just to feel that rush of not getting caught.... until one day :worried:
08-29-17 - 12:59 AM
08-29-17 - 01:40 AM
slightly premature thread
08-29-17 - 02:32 AM
08-29-17 - 02:47 AM
NK has attempted to surrender their weapons programs in the past, only to be rebuffed by the US because US foreign policy is entirely controlled by MIC corporations / Israel (in different parts of the world). And after what the US did in Libya, NK is never ever giving up their nukes. Remember when Libya disarmed its WMD? That was an invasion tactic by the US. The unfortunate reality is that if you're a small nation that in any part refuses American hegemony, your only method of retaining independence is a nuclear weapon, gas, or other such weapons, considering the amount of havoc America is wreaking on the world.
08-29-17 - 03:53 AM
08-29-17 - 05:13 AM
You would think the launch of a missile over Japan would be the excuse people are looking for to go ape shit on N. Korea...
08-29-17 - 06:37 AM
Originally posted by Danno  
You would think the launch of a missile over Japan would be the excuse people are looking for to go ape shit on N. Korea...

Why? The USA dropped a couple of nukes on Japanese cities and no one went ape shit on them for it.
08-29-17 - 06:40 AM
Originally posted by ArakAtak  
Why? The USA dropped a couple of nukes on Japanese cities and no one went ape shit on them for it.
How could they?

NK would get crushed in 6 hours. Frankly I'm surprised little Dong is poking the bear. I fully understand him not giving up nukes or the capability, but firing missiles in a hostile manner is so odd. I know that's how they've historically bargained for aid or concessions from the world, but its a pretty ballsy bluff this time around.
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