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Robot that Chooses to Inflict Pain Sparks Debate about AI Systems

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A robot built by roboticist Alexander Reben from the University of Berkeley, California has the ability to decide using AI whether or not to inflict pain.

The robot aims to spark a debate on if an AI system can get out of control, reminiscent of the terminator. The robot design is incredibly simple, designed to serve only one purpose; to decide whether or not to inflict pain. The robot was engineered by Alexander Reben of the University of Berkeley and was published in a scientific journal aimed to spark a debate on whether or not artificial intelligent robots can get out of hand if given the opportunity.

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Neural Stem Cells Could Let Us Replace Brain Cells and Restore Memory

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Scientists may have found a way for humans to avoid age-related brain illnesses by regenerating memory through neural stem cells.

Research findings showed that it may actually be possible to replace aging brain cells and restore memory through a new technique that involves taking donor neural stem cells and grafting them into an aged brain.

Lead scientist Ashok K. Shetty and his team implanted neural stem cell into the hippocampus a part of the brain that makes new memories and connects them to emotions of an animal model to enable them to regenerate tissue.

We chose the hippocampus because its so important in learning, memory and mood function, Shetty said. Were interested in understanding aging in the brain, especially in the hippocampus, which seems particularly vulnerable to age-related changes.


For this latest research, the team found that the neural stem cells engrafted well onto the hippocampus in the young animal models (which was expected) as well as the older ones that would be, in human terms, about 70 years old. Not only did these implanted cells survive, they divided several times to make new cells.

Scientists say the fact that an aged hippocampus can accept grafted neural stem cells as good as the young hippocampus does means there is hope in treating age-related neurodegenerative disorders.

They are still producing new neurons at least three months after implantation, and these neurons are capable of migrating to different parts of the brain, the team notes.

If this research proves successful, it could have a significant effect on ways to rejuvenate the aged brain to combat the impact of aging. But, as is true of most scientific experiments on the human body, coming up with conclusive results might take a while, and even then, FDA approval is often a decade long process. Still, there is new hope.

Islamist mob terrorizes Turkish record store for celebrating Radioheads new album

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A group of angry men in Istanbul vandalized a record store and beat up customers for having a listening party and drinking beer to celebrate the release of Radioheads new album in the Turkish capital during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Up to 20 men identified as radical Islamists used pipes and bottles as weapons, according to witnesses. The attackers also reportedly threatened to burn down the record store with all the people inside.


A video account of the attack was posted by the store owner on the Reddit website. The camera was originally set up to stream the Radiohead event, but unwittingly captured the attack.

The owner gave the following account:

[quote]I am the person thats speaking in that video. I am the owner of that periscope account. They were determined to kill us. We were beaten by more than 20 men with pipes in their hands, beer bottles were broken on our heads; I dont even know how we made it out. I will share the details later guys. Just hoping that no one will die.

In the video, a group of screaming men is seen entering the store and eventually violently forcing everyone out. The group then comes back in and begins smashing up the equipment. The attackers are also seen swinging their hands and trying to beat up the customers.

The brutal assault continued outside the store, but the camera angle only allowed a limited view.[/quote]

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Oakland loses 3rd police chief amid growing scandals

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OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) The Oakland Police Department lost its third police chief in eight days as it struggles with allegations that a number of officers had sex with a teenage prostitute and exchanged racist text messages.

Mayor Libby Schaaf said acting Police Chief Paul Figueroa was on the job for two days before stepping down on Friday but said his decision was not connected to the two scandals.

However, she denounced the department's "toxic, macho culture" and vowed to root out "the bad apples."

[color=cyan]"As the mayor of Oakland, I'm here to run a police department, not a frat house," [/color]Schaaf said at a news conference Friday evening.

Schaaf said she will not immediately appoint an acting or interim chief. Instead, the command staff will report to City Administrator Sabrina Landreth, who will be responsible for personnel and disciplinary decisions.

[color=cyan]"This is the appropriate time to install civilian oversight in this police department," Schaaf said. "I want to assure the citizens of Oakland that we are hell bent on rooting out this disgusting culture."[/color]

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Apple copied Chinese design for iPhone 6

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Court ruling means it could face a ban

Apples Chinese troubles deepened after a court decided that it had stolen the design for the iPhone 6 from a local smartphone maker.

The court has told Apple to stop flogging the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus after ruling that the smartphones copied the design of a handset made by an outfit called Baili.The Beijing Intellectual Property Office ruled this week that Apple and its Chinese distributor Zhongfu Telecom infringed the patent of Shenzhen-based Baili. Baili is suing Apple for copying the design of its 100C smartphone.

According to the ruling the smartphones are so similar that users cant tell the difference until they see the price tag of course. The Tame Apple Press is fuming claiming that the 100C looks like every other Android smartphone on the market and they all copied Apple.

The court disagreed saying that Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have minor differences from Baili's 100C. The differences are so tiny that the average customer could not notice. So this case falls into the patent rights protection category.

Baili won an injunction that could have forced Apple to remove the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from the shelves in China. Apple has appealed against the ruling in a higher court, which allows the firm to continue selling the iPhone 6 line until that court makes a decision on the case.

Things have not been going well for Jobs Mob behind the bamboo curtain. Its Apple's iTunes Movies and iBooks Store have been banned and its iPhone sales have not been going well. Apple had hoped that sales in the massive Chinese market might save its bacon. Had Apple not done this itself with the whole "rounded rectangle" case, we might have been more sympathetic.

Gender-neutral O Canada bill passes final Commons vote

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Dying Liberal MP Mauril Belanger's private member's bill to make the national anthem more gender neutral cleared its final hurdle in the House of Commons today, passing by a vote of 225 to 74.

Bill C-210, which would change the second line of the anthem from "in all thy sons command" to "in all of us command," will now go to the Senate. Blanger was in the House for the vote.

After the vote nearly all MPs in the House stood and sang the national anthem.

The anthem change has been a Blanger cause for years but has taken on far greater urgency in recent months after he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease and his condition rapidly deteriorated.

The outcome of today's vote appeared to be a foregone conclusion early on as most Liberals and New Democrats supported the measure going into the vote, while the Conservatives, who oppose the bill, have run out of political tactics to slow it.

But the bill will still need to clear the Senate before it becomes law.

Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth, the bill's sponsor in the Upper Chamber, told CBC News she believes the legislation has enough support to pass but it's unclear whether that can happen before the Senate rises for the summer.

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Dyson Sphere Telescope Time Reaches Kickstarter Goal

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There's probably not an alien megastructure around the star KIC 8462852, but there is definitely something weird going on there. As reported in 2015, the star's light dims by as much as 20 percent--way too much to be a passing planet--and there's no good scientific explanation as to why.

Scientists don't know when the star will dim again, so to see what's causing the mysterious blips, they need to watch it constantly. But using telescopes isn't free. To help pay for telescope time, Tabetha Boyajian, the Yale astrophysicist leading the research, started a Kickstarter last month to raise $100,000.

Now, with just hours left before the campaign closes, the team has met and exceeded its funding goal, getting the last $10,000 in just the last few hours.

Meeting the goal means the team will be able to continuously monitor the star for an entire year using the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network. If one of the telescopes spots something weird happening around "Tabby's Star," it'll send out an alert to other astronomers, both amateurs and professionals, to turn their telescopes toward the star. Hopefully that means the mystery will soon be solved.

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Wounded ISIS fighters brought to Turkey hospitals

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Islamic State militants are frequently transported across the Syrian border to Turkish hospitals for treatment, according to eyewitness accounts collected by RT on the ground. Their crossing was allegedly ensured by Turkish officials.
Both Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL) and Free Syrian Army fighters were able to cross the border from Syria into Turkey en masse and receive medical help only to then be allowed to go back to resume fighting in Syria, the head of a local doctors association told RTs Lizzie Phelan.

Phelan visited Gaziantep, a city in south-central Turkey some 60 kilometers from the Syrian border. Eyewitnesses and doctors told the RT correspondent that most of the IS fighters were treated in the border city of Kilis south of Gaziantep.

Many wounded ISIS militants or FSA [Free Syrian Army] fighters were brought to the border in pick-up trucks, not ambulances, Medical Association Chair in Gaziantep and Kilis Hamza Agca said. Many were unconscious and bleeding when they were brought to us.

The injured men were apparently driven right from a war zone and doctors often had to deal with things like grenades falling out of their pockets, Agca added.

One doctor from Kilis also confirmed to RT that they were receiving fighters from across the Turkish-Syrian border, including IS militants. The doctor said on condition of anonymity that he was just one of the doctors who treated terrorists in Kilis.

The medic described discovering suicide vests on some of the IS patients and feeling terrified as he was forced to take them off.

The doctor added that the flow of IS militants being admitted to Turkish hospitals has decreased, but they still see militants admitted every couple of weeks.

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Switzerland withdraws longstanding application to join EU

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The upper house of the Swiss parliament on Wednesday voted to invalidate its 1992 application to join the European Union, backing an earlier decision by the lower house. The vote comes just a week before Britain decides whether to leave the EU in a referendum.
Twenty-seven members of the upper house, the Council of States, voted to cancel Switzerlands longstanding EU application, versus just 13 senators against. Two abstained.

In the aftermath of the vote, Switzerland will give formal notice to the EU to consider its application withdrawn, the countrys foreign minister, Didier Burkhalter, was quoted as saying by Neue Zrcher Zeitung.

The original motion was introduced by the conservative Swiss Peoples Party MP, Lukas Reimann. It had already received overwhelming support from legislators in the lower house of parliament in March, with 126 National Council deputies voting in favor, and 46 against.

Thomas Minder, counsellor for the state of Schaffhausen and an active promoter of the concept of Swissness, said he was eager to close the topic fast and painlessly as only a few lunatics may want to join the EU now, he told the newspaper.

Hannes Germann, also representing Schaffhausen, highlighted the symbolic importance of the vote, comparing it to Icelands decision to drop its membership bid in 2015.

Iceland had the courage and withdrew the application for membership, so no volcano erupted, he said, jokingly.

Switzerlands longstanding application to join the EU has not had a significant impact on the countrys politics for more than 20 years, as its accession negotiations have been suspended since 1992 in the wake of a referendum to join the European Economic Area, when the Swiss voted down the idea of closer ties with the EU.

Some politicians even argued that the vote was an unnecessary formal procedure that didnt make much sense as Switzerland is no longer regarded by the EU as an official candidate to join the bloc.

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Milo To Give Press Conference At Ground Zero In Orlando

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Milo will give the short talk Absolutely Haram: Islam versus Gays, which was scheduled to be delivered at the University of Central Florida this week before UCF PD cancelled his event, stating they could not guarantee his safety.

He will discuss his suspension this morning on Twitter following his criticism of Islam.

Yiannopoulos will address the cancellation of his college speaking event as well as UCF administrators decision to cancel his scheduled press conference tomorrow by claiming that no space was available for him to talk to students and the media.

He will discuss his recent column, The Left Chose Islam Over Gays. Now 100 People Are Dead Or Maimed In Orlando and the response of the mainstream media to the attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, as well as his personal experience of being a right-wing homosexual.

Yiannopoulos will take questions from attending media and listeners, expected to include the New York Times, local television stations, Deutsche Welle, PBS and various student publications.

The meet-up location will be a few blocks away from the Pulse Nightclub, site of the horrific attacks by a Muslim terrorist earlier this weekend. Attendees should gather outside Christ Church of Orlando, at 2200 South Orange Avenue.

All members of the public and press are welcome to attend, and should contact [email protected] with further questions.

Attendees are instructed not to enter the churchs interior, as it is being used to provide food and water to affected families. Parking can be found around Orange & Grant.

The Breitbart team will be accompanied by private security, for the safety of media and the attending public. All are welcome to join. The event will begin promptly at 2pm EDT.

Very hot drinks 'probably' cause cancer: UN body

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Drinking very hot beverages "probably" causes cancer of the oesophagus, the UN's cancer agency said Wednesday, while lifting suspicion from coffee if consumed at "normal serving temperatures".

"These results suggest that drinking very hot beverages is one probable cause of oesophageal cancer and that it is the temperature, rather than the drinks themselves, that appears to be responsible," said Christopher Wild, director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

The agency reviewed more than 1,000 scientific studies on the possible cancer-causing properties of coffee and the popular South American herbal infusion mate.
Both had been classified as "possibly cancerogenic to humans" since 1991, when the last evaluation was conducted.

Evidence gathered since then suggested that neither drink could be linked to a higher cancer risk, said the agency.
However, there was some evidence that drinking these and other beverages at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius (150 degrees Fahrenheit)may cause cancer of the gullet.
"Studies in places such as China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey and South America, where tea or mate is traditionally drunk very hot (at about 70 C) found that the risk of oesophageal cancer increased with the temperature at which the beverage was drunk," said the IARC.

"Drinking very hot beverages at above 65 C was classified as 'probably' carcinogenic to humans."

The studies took into account factors that could have skewed assessment of the cancer risk, such alcohol and tobacco use.

In Just 3 Days, AI Solves Biology Mystery

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In just three days, an Artificial intelligence has solved one of biologys biggest mysteries independently- how a sliced up flatworm can regenerate into new organisms.

A group of computer scientists from the University of Maryland programmed a computer to randomly predict how a worms genes formed a regulatory network capable of regeneration, which experts would evaluate afterwards through simulation.

Researcher Michael Levin said that solving how flatworms regenerate, through AI, is not just statistics or number-crunching.
The invention of models to explain what nature is doing is the most creative thing scientists do. This is the heart and soul of the scientific enterprise. None of us could have come up with this model; we (as a field) have failed to do so after over a century of effort, he said.

It is important to note, however, that even if the computer only took three days to create the worm model, it took the scientists several years to put together the program.

Researchers are opening up the use of the worm model to create other scientific models and theories in different areas, including cancer research. But, they said, in order to transfer the computers abilities to other areas, massive databases of scientific experiments would need to be prepared in order to have enough raw material for discoveries to be made.

The study by Daniel Lobo and Michael Levin, Inferring Regulatory Networks from Experimental Morphological Phenotypes, was published on Thursday (4 June) in the journal PLOS.

Wikileaks will publish enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton, warns Assange

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Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange warns more information will be published about Hillary Clinton, enough to indict her if the US government is courageous enough to do so, in what he predicts will be a very big year for the whistleblowing website.
Expressing concerns in an ITV interview about the Democratic presidential candidate, who he claims is monitoring him, Assange described Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump as an unpredictable phenomenon, but predictably, given their divergent political views, didnt say if he preferred the billionaire to be president.

He was not asked if he supported Green Party candidate Jill Stein, even though she said she would immediately pardon Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning if elected.

We have emails relating to Hillary Clinton which are pending publication, Assange told Peston on Sunday when asked if more of her leaked electronic communications would be published.

About 32,000 emails from her private server have been leaked by Wikileaks so far, but Assange would not confirm the number of emails or when they are expected to be published.

Speaking via video link from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Assange said that there was enough information in the emails to indict Clinton, but that was unlikely to happen under the current Attorney General, Obama appointee Loretta Lynch.

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Casual Marijuana Smoking Not Harmful to Lungs

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In fact, occasional marijuana use was associated with slight increases in lung airflow rates and increases in lung volume, the study found.

Far from a license to light up, the study eases the worry among some health professionals that daily use of marijuana for medical reasons could have negative, long-term implications on pulmonary health.

The study, led by Mark Pletcher of the University of California, San Francisco, compared the effects of both cigarette and marijuana smoking over a period of 20 years in a group of more than 5,000 adults, part of a longitudinal study called Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA).

The data revealed nothing new about tobacco: As exposure to tobacco goes up, lung capacity in terms of the amount of air a smoker can exhale goes down. It's a linear relationship.

Not so with marijuana. More pot smoking was associated with increases in lung capacity up to a level equivalent to about one joint per day for seven years or one joint per week for up to 49 years. Only at levels of marijuana smoking higher than this did the researchers see a leveling off and then potential reversal of this relationship to improved lung capacity.

The increase in lung function at low levels was very small, said study researcher Stefan Kertesz, a professor of preventive medicine at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. It was about 50 milliliters, or the size of a kid's juice box.

The researchers don't know why light-to-moderate pot use might subtly improve lung function. It could be that marijuana users inadvertently train themselves to be good at the inhalation and exhalation test because they "practice" deep breathing when they smoke pot, Kertesz told LiveScience. The airflow increase, then, is not necessarily an indicator of healthier lungs.

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It is now legal to blow your pets in Canada

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Canadas Supreme Court has legalized oral sex with pets as long as no penetration is involved in a ruling slammed by animal rights groups.
The court ruled 7-1 in favor of a British Columbia man convicted of 13 counts of sexually assaulting his stepdaughters who also smeared peanut butter on the genitals of his victims and had the family dog lick it off while he videotaped the act, court documents revealed.
Although bestiality was often subsumed in terms such as sodomy or buggery, penetration was the essence the defining act of the offense, the court ruled. There is no hint in any of the parliamentary record that any substantive change to the elements of the offense of bestiality was intended.
The lone dissenter, Justice Rosalie Abella, said penetration should not be considered essential when defining bestiality.
Acts with animals that have a sexual purpose are inherently exploitative whether or not penetration occurs, she stated.
Animal rights groups echoed a similar sentiment.
As of today, Canadian law gives animal abusers license to use animals for their own sexual gratification, said Camille Labchuk, the executive director of Animal Justice. This is completely unacceptable, contrary to societal expectations, and cannot be allowed to continue.
The Canadian legislature also made headlines recently after the Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, demanded two year prison sentences for people found guilty of transgender discrimination.

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