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Can't Get Enough Dave?

Submitted by: Calliope @ 11:50 AM | Monday, June 12, 2000 | (url: )

If you've read the news below this, you know that the Dev Team's Dave "QIX" Georgeson was interviewed last night by TsN's PubKnight. Before that interview, though, he was hanging out in IRC at #tribalwar, and Cowboy .. um .. interviewed him (though interrogated might be a better word). If this is already posted in the TsN download, I'll apologize now. I'm sorry, okay? I'm home for the summer and my good old modem just can't seem to handle the download. Therefore, I have not read the interview. But if it's not posted, here are some of Dave's Tribes 2-related answers:

QIX: Cowboy...heh. I dunno. I think we'll be out before Halo. That's about all I can say until Halo shows some gameplay.

QIX: mod might happen, but not until after release
There are more, but I'll spare you from picking through the IRC dialogue unless you choose to. In that case, read it all in the forum thread here. Oh, and Dave likes his pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms.


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For All You Mappers...

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 10:37 AM | Monday, June 12, 2000 | (url: )

Hosed, of Screaming Fist fame, has provided any tribes mappers with a tool to convert map files for use with the new worldcraft version. Heres a bit

The first version of my WorldCraft 3.3 to 2.1 .map file converter, hence known as MAPConverter, is available from my Projects page.

This version is the first working build and doesn't support texture alignment nor entities. It DOES support texture scaling and rotation though. This should get you Interior Shape modelers (Base Builders) for Tribes going with WC 3.3 however.
Sounds excellent to me, if you're even slightly into map creation you should check it out ASAP at Hosed's House of Code


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TG2K Address Change

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 10:23 AM | Monday, June 12, 2000 | (url: )

Apparently the address for Tribes Gala 2000 was changed without their knowledge, so heres what blah sent me

Regarding the TG2K press release. Sorry everyone, the address to the site was changed and I was uninformed. The new site address is:
So there you are..

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TsN Interview With Dave Georgeson

Submitted by: Rayn @ 01:35 AM | Monday, June 12, 2000 | (url: )

For those who missed it the other night, Dave "QIX" Georgeson - Tribes 2 Senior Producer/Director - stopped by unexpectedly in #tribalwar on Dynamix IRC. After fielding some questions as the room quickly filled up, he hooked up with TsN's Pubknight to talk further about a broad range of topics encompassing the development of Tribes 2. The groundbreaking interview lasted over an hour, and should not be missed by any gaming fan. Beyond providing some early info on Tribes 2, Dave gave a real feel for how the Dynamix team is planning and implementing the sequel from start to finish.

TsN has released a recording of the interview, available in the form of a 13.5MB MP3. You can pick it up at their website in the files section. I'm sure the entire community appreciates the efforts made by Mr. Georgeson and the T2 Dev Team to have such a strong presence in the community and talk with the players. This is the first time I've seen such an incredible interaction between players and developers in any game and quite simply, it rocks. Don't miss it!


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TribesGala 2K Goes Live

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 11:33 PM | Sunday, June 11, 2000 | (url: )

TribesGala 2K has gone live, and here is the press release:

The gaming community will never be the same. Produced by IGIN entertainment and directed by a few dedicated TRIBES players, TRIBES Gala 2000 is a revolution in the way gaming LANs and conferences will be held. For the first time ever a gaming event will combine professional gaming, software gaming development, live press coverage, massive prize giveaways, enough room for over 2,000 attendees and much, much, more. TRIBES Gala 2000 (TG2K) will not be solely for TRIBES 1 players either, with a chance to learn about and play test TRIBES 2 as well as view professional gaming at its best, TG2K will be entertaining for any online gaming enthusiast.

Directed by the people who brought you TRIBEScon 1999, probably the most highly praised TRIBES 1 event of 1999, TG2K will be all TC99 was and more. Combined with the production and industry experience of IGIN Entertainment and superior technology provided by TeamSphere Inc., TG2K will be all of the following and more:

- The largest event in TRIBES history and quite possibly among the top 5 in the history of the gaming industry.
- The end-all, be-all tournament of TRIBES 1. TG2K's main tournament will be composed of both a online regular season and a live championship match at the TG2K main event.
- The two final teams will compete on-stage; two huge projector screens flanking them and displaying the match from multiple views for everyone to see. Oh, did I mention they get travel and accommodation expenses paid for as well?
- A minimum of $20,000 in cash and prizes to be distributed to tournament winners in the main event as well as on location events.
- Live attendance by members of the TRIBES 2 development team, with
workshops and presentations on the inner workings of the game.
- The chance to play test TRIBES 2 live at the event. Much more may be done with TRIBES 2 as well, but it all depends on what state its at come event time. The possibility of a TRIBES 2 tournament is being planned for.
- Live announcers for each main event. Immense coverage for the whole
series; including possible local television broadcasts to accompany the online news agencies.
- Free t-shirts with the ability to pre-order custom version with your alias and team name.
- Much, much more....

TRIBES Gala 2000 will be held from August 11th - 13th. A full 3-day weekend full of friends, fun and prizes.

The TRIBES Gala 2000 LAN will be located in the sunny San Francisco Bay area. The main event will be hosted at the Santa Clara Convention Center,in an immense hall that fits over 500 seated LAN users along with room for 1500 spectators. The center will be equipped with a T1 line for easy access to the net so you can stay in touch while on the road. It is minutes away from multiple hotels and restaurants, with easy access from basically its own exit ramp from the highway. Check their site for more information regarding these issues.

For more information and to signup for the event, please visit our website at

Call your travel agents, talk to your parents and get your butt ready for what just may be the greatest event in online gaming's history.

- The TG2K Staff
So there ya go. Not much else i can say, besides check it out.... right now.


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TsN tonite

Submitted by: Beatstick @ 04:11 PM | Sunday, June 11, 2000 | (url: )

Tonite at 10 pm est, TsN will be covering the Legion vs GBD. This will be a lot of fun - Pubknight, Wonderdog and myself will all be broadcasting this game, in the same room.


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WSBN Tonight

Submitted by: figgs @ 03:58 PM | Sunday, June 11, 2000 | (url: )

WSBN will be shoutcasting F*ck the Mainland vs South Side Stoners for rung #2 on the OGL ladder. Match starts at 10:00 EST. Check for connection details, or stop by #WSBN.


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New EZConsole

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 12:18 PM | Sunday, June 11, 2000 | (url: )

Theres a new EZConsole and EZServer out now, both of which are great tools, and i use them personally. Heres the standard promotional quote:

EZConsole 2.5 and EZServer 1.5 have been released ( ).
There are a few new features...mainly
- Auto Administration features (auto-admin, auto-kick, name reservation...)
- Language filter
- Mission list exporter
- View players scores/ip's in the player list window (right click to view the IP and select it to copy it to the clipboard). Their name is red if they have a negative score.
- More vote options
- Set score limit (set this to like 1000 if you are having practice and you will never cap out), time limit, warup time, respawn time...

- Optimized the update intervals for the bandwidth monitoring (performance increase)

The programs are not more stuff will be added.
So there you have it. Anyone running a server should check it out here


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TWC: The Final Match

Submitted by: Calliope @ 10:41 PM | Saturday, June 10, 2000 | (url: )

The last match of the Tribes World Championship, to decide the second and third place winners, is scheduled to be held on Sunday, June 11 at 4:00pm EST. Teams to play are US-East and Finland, and prizes are as follows: The second place team will win Diamond Viper video cards, and the third place team will get Diamond MX400 sound cards. All prizes are courtesy of DMM Underground. The match is scheduled to be shoutcast live on TsN, so be sure to tune in at gametime for what promises to be a great game.


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Dynamix Dev Team Face Off

Submitted by: Rayn @ 06:39 PM | Saturday, June 10, 2000 | (url: )

My buddy RazorJack just sent this over to me. I really hadn't heard much about this before now, but he's made the arrangements so game on!

PlanetStarsiege & TribalWar will be teaming up for a head-to-head intense match against a team of programming guru's... Dynamix. Dynamix has agreed to play us for a first Scrimmage in Tribes History on the new features of the BASE+ mod. This scrimmage starts a series of scrimmages against the Dynamix team, and we will continue to play games with them well into Tribes 2.
I have faith that the Dev Team will probably whoop my ass fairly badly. Here is the roster as it stands: RazorJack, Rayn, Ratorasniki, Zero-X, Rifter, JeKill, Kelster, Monkey_b, tAng, Mandrake. Of course, we'll have more demos than you can shake a stick at for you being that this is Tribal War and all that.


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LAN Plans

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 01:59 PM | Saturday, June 10, 2000 | (url: )

Drinkers are holding a LAN party in Memphis, TN on July 14th - 16th. See this page for information.


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Banners, We've Got Banners,...

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 01:05 PM | Saturday, June 10, 2000 | (url: )

We've got lots and lots of banners! Urm..anyways,..over the past few days we've opened up a contest of sorts to see who could come up with the best banner for Tribal War to stick on the UGO network. Well we were lucky to receive almost 40 banners from all sortsa people and now its time to vote on them.

Go here to check out all the banners, and head over to the forums to 'vote'. If i recall correctly the winning banners' creator gets a special title of some sort on the forums..

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A Night with Pubknight

Submitted by: Rayn @ 02:49 AM | Saturday, June 10, 2000 | (url: )

Word came across IRC that Gameazoid recently interviewed Pubknight, of shoutcasting fame among other things. Pubknight is currently running his show, "Pubknight's Open Bar" on Friday nights on TsN. Last night he had a hell of show in store for us with a surprised visitor, but that's off the topic. Here's a snipper from the interview:

GZ: Can you list a few reasons what you're trying to convey and why people should listen to your show?

Pubknight: Well, I'm funny as hell =)
The music is good. It's really kind of a "community radio" show, mainly targetted at the Tribes crowd but, there is stuff in there for everyone. I've got that kinda Howard Stern thing going on, with less penis jokes. I dunno why people would want to listen, but the people that do listen seem to indicate its entertaining, especially if you live in an area where your local radio blows.
What really adds to the show is the "irc factor" that makes it quite interactive which is quite a buzz as a broadcaster, you see the instant reaction of what you do and say. It's a lot different from other types of djing I've done
Read the full, four page interview at gameAzoid.


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Base Plus Released!

Submitted by: Calliope @ 09:19 PM | Friday, June 9, 2000 | (url: )

That's right, Dynamix has released the mod for download, and the always-cool Got Milk? sent it to us, for you. Want the highlights? Here you go:

  • Reduced (capped) ski velocities
  • Increased chaingun spread
  • Temporary respawn invulnerability (controlled by $Server::respawnInvulnerableTime)
  • Temporary respawn no weapon
  • Longer range on mortar, ELF and repair pack
  • Mines take more damage to destroy before deployed
  • Shields on vehicle pads
  • Faster and tougher medium armor
  • Faster and tougher vehicles
  • ELF spam fix
  • Flag return fixes
  • Team player count added to tab score list
To download Base Plus, click here. Please note that this is a server side MOD, thus only server admins will actually need to download it. The rest of our just have to find a Base Plus server to play. Please post your feedback on the forums.


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Get Tribes .. Free

Submitted by: Calliope @ 09:05 PM | Friday, June 9, 2000 | (url: )

According to {d-i}Madhatter, the paper-and-ink version of Incite PC (you know, the .. shudder .. hard copy) is giving away a 14-day time limited full version of Tribes on the CD that gets sent along with the magazine. It's in the July 2000 issue, so go grab it and give it to that friend who's too cheap to buy his own .


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