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Cheater's Wayside and Applebee's Team Up

Submitted by: Rayn @ 12:11 AM | Thursday, June 15, 2000 | (url: )

Just got this release from old_skul - this owns:

Team Applebee’s players take note! UVALAN 2, the amazing Midwestern and eastern Tribes event taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia July 27-30, is now officially sponsored by international restaurant chain Applebee’s. Applebee’s will be supplying prizes such as t-shirts, meal and dessert tickets.

“At the last UVALAN, the turnout was incredible,” claimed organizer Tom “Cheater” Szabo. “We had a lot of people head down to Applebee’s for dinner and drinks. When they returned – they came back as Team Applebee’s!”

Notable Team Applebees players included TA|Cutewaitress, TA|BabyBackRibs, and TA|SpecialSauce, all of whom were at the original UVALAN. They, and 10 other LAN partiers, formed a team of friends at the LAN and were renowned at the Tribes (and eating) skills.

“We’re expecting a great party this time around,” said Cheater. “We’ve got a huge hotel ballroom with plenty of tables, refreshments, power for your systems, vendor booths, computer and peripheral rental, and all the support you’ll need to have a great time at the LAN. We have over 150 registered participants at this time.”

Tom “Cheater” Szabo is the owner and operator of Cheater’s Wayside, the internet’s most popular Tribes server, and is the organizer of East-Coast and Midwestern LAN events such as the UVALAN series. More information is available at

Applebee's International, Inc., headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, develops, franchises and operates casual dining restaurants in 49 states and eight international countries, under the trademark of Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar®. More information is at
Damn skippy! I think that says it all, now get your asses to UVALaN2!


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New MAPConverter

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 07:32 PM | Wednesday, June 14, 2000 | (url: )

Hosed has released build 2 of MAPConverter, a utility for using the latest version of WorldCraft with the TribesTools. Heres what he had to say:

Build 2 of MAPConverter is done. Texture alignment fully supported. Most Entities now supported as well. Known Entities not supported include light_emmiter_point, light_emmiter_spot, light, light_runway.

As always, feedback and bug reports welcome.
Check it out at Hosed's House of Code


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Tribes 2 Preview

Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 11:57 AM | Wednesday, June 14, 2000 | (url: )

There is yet another Tribes 2 preview up on GA source, which doesnt really give any new info - and doesnt include any new screenshots, but offers a few quotes from Dynamix. You can check it out here.


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Tonight on TsN .. Us!

Submitted by: Calliope @ 07:26 AM | Wednesday, June 14, 2000 | (url: )

The Tribes Shoutcast Network has two matches scheduled for tonight. First, Tribal War & Planet Starsiege vs. Dynamix for what can only be an epic match. That one should begin at 9pm EST. Then, catch the Rezurection vs. Infinite Facet battle for the #10 rung on the OGL ladder, slated to begin at 10pm EST.

For more information or to connect to the shoutcast stream, visit TsN or stop into #TsN.


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UVaLAN 2: Wanna Walk?

Submitted by: Calliope @ 07:18 AM | Wednesday, June 14, 2000 | (url: )

With UVaLAN 2 fast approaching and so many of you planning to go, the question of transportation is central. Don't have a car? Have a car and extra seats? Not old enough to drive? The good people at Cheater's Wayside, the hub for UVaLAN 2, have a solution: Their rideshare program is up and running. Visit the page, click on the state (or province .. love those Canadians) from which you're coming, and the page will list others from the area also attending. Then, email them. Beg, bribe, be creative, and just maybe someone will give you a ride. Interested? Rideshare is here.


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Rayn Updates

Submitted by: Rayn @ 03:38 AM | Wednesday, June 14, 2000 | (url: )

I finally got around to doing script updates. Nothing major by any standards, but some fixes and improvements. Here's the dilly:

CTFHuD v1.4

  • Functional Observer Mode: HUD now works in observer mode.
  • Flag Return Timer Fixes: Should now work without any fuss.
WarPoints v1.4
  • Added the DOX map pack - Thanks |GBD|madbomber
FlagReturn v1.2 (previously known as DropFlag HUD)
  • Flag Return Timer Fixes: Should now work without any fuss.
PiNGHUD v1.0
  • Revamped Ping Routines: Ping is now more accurate thanks to new ping code developed by VeKToR.

You can grab the updated stuff in the scripts section. Look for some new scripts in the next week or so as I have time, I'm going to be releasing some of my smaller support scripts as I debug them for general consumption.


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Need Route Practice?

Submitted by: Imposter @ 12:37 AM | Wednesday, June 14, 2000 | (url: )

Ever get tired of practicing your flag capping routes, then having to get all the way back to your starting position? Or maybe even having to go back to the inventory station and get suited up again? Well now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Freaky has created a script that allows you to run a route and at the press of a button (or two) return to your starting position. Here's a snip:

"The script has 2 features, Save and Restore a Player position/armor/pack. So instead of wasting your time on inventory stations and the running for hours on those OOB paths. Just save a position there, practice the path, restore and try again."
Other features include:

  • Cap/Path/Total timer
  • Returns flag when you restore position
  • Scorelimiter On/Off
  • Saves weapon/ammo
  • Full health button

    You can get it, along with a couple other nifty scripts, over at


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  • New HaVoC Mod

    Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 11:39 PM | Tuesday, June 13, 2000 | (url: )

    Yet more mod news, Natedogg sends this along

    HaVoC 1.5.5 is complete. Click here to download
    it! There are many new features, such as:
    • All new organized menus, even admins can vote!
    • A Grappling Hook and new Tractor Beam
    • Toxin and EMP mines
    • New teleporters - up to 8 at once (thanks CreeperMan!)
    • New mission types: Tribes Racer, Duel, and Duel Tournament
    • EMP has been balanced
    • Full documentation and tips/strategies
    • Vote to balance the teams
    • Many bugs and exploits fixed
    • A new Shotgun
    • Over 70 maps
    • Auto-tracking chaingun for the Interceptor vehicle (thanks CreeperMan!)
    • 3 observer modes
    • An awesome StarWars trench type Racer map, Boonta's-Eve (thanks
    • And much, much more!

    This has been in the works for months, ever since the last release. There are all sorts of updates, much more than what is listed here. Enjoy them!

    We have also been working on ways to enhance the client side for HaVoC. Download some great new skins and sounds here. And click here to get a script that gives you precise control while flying vehicles, drones, and personally guided missiles.

    In other news, Duel for base servers is now available! This is a
    modification of the Duel MOD for base originally by Drink|Kuluha. It also comes with Duel Tournament. This is a new mission type where all players are chosen by the server to fight, one at a time, until only one is left standing. Here are a few of the major features of the new Duel:
    • All major bugs fixed (getting stuck in a duel, etc)
    • Gives the server support for over 8 mission types
    • 8 normal Duel maps (note: the original 4 maps will not work with the new Duel)
    • 6 Duel Tournament maps
    • More announcer sounds than before
    • Duel now saves the best players on the server's hard drive
    • 3 observer modes
    • And much, much more!

    There are many other new features! Grab Duel for BASE servers only here.

    After today I won't be working on Tribes for some period of time. Real Life is more important; Tribes' scripting has lead to my neglecting it. I'll still be around to play Tribes, I just won't be modifying it. I've had a great time creating this mod for the Tribes community and I may do it again when (if? Tribes 2 comes out. It's hard to say, Tribes 2 will not be out
    for some time still.

    And finally, the OGL has notified us that there will be some HaVoC ladders up and running very soon!
    He even HTML-ized the news for me Looks good, go check it out.


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    StarWars Mod News

    Submitted by: Ratorasniki @ 11:37 PM | Tuesday, June 13, 2000 | (url: )

    Machine, of Screaming Fist fame, has taken it upon himself to put out a new version of the Starwars Total Conversion for Tribes. Heres what he sent along:

    I Uploaded a bunch of new screenshots from the mod in the pix section. We are NOW ACCEPTING BETA TESTORS. Sign Up on the new forum, or Email me with your Name, Email, ICQ # (if you have one), Connection Speed, and Your Video Card Manufacturer to [email protected] Please Send me any suggestions, questions or comments. Alot of new things are going to be included in the next beta test. Tons of new scripts, skins, maps, models, and sounds. ALL KNOW BUGS ARE FIXED. Including the crashing bug for software users. the ETA of the next beta is 3 weeks. Sign Up For it now, or you won't be able to test!
    I've actually had a chance to help beta test this new beta (at least the latest version) and its very fun to play, and shows a lot of promise. Heres a link


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    What Goes Down ..

    Submitted by: Calliope @ 09:34 PM | Tuesday, June 13, 2000 | (url: )

    Just a quick note to let you know that Tribes 2 Players has finished their server changeover and can now be found again at their usual URL, The site has a slightly new look and an all new home base, and we here at TW wish them the best.


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    Let the Hormones Rage

    Submitted by: Calliope @ 09:27 PM | Tuesday, June 13, 2000 | (url: )

    Planning for WSBN's Battle of the Sexes Tribes match, Adam vs. Eve, is well underway. After tonight's scheduled shoutcast of the Black Lance vs. Crimson Guard match, the roster for Eve will be announced. The following comes from WSBN's Eclair:

    Adam vs Eve - Battle of the Sexes!! After the BL vs CG match for #20 on the OGL, WSBN will announce for the very first time anywhere, the female roster for Eve. Men stay tuned to find out which girls you need to court to secure your place on Adam.
    For more information, visit WSBN.


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    TsN tonite

    Submitted by: Beatstick @ 08:31 PM | Tuesday, June 13, 2000 | (url: )

    A late booking tonite, TsN will be covering JAMZ v ETW at 11 pm est. Mega Boris will be calling this one.


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    Lee? Where's Dave?

    Submitted by: Calliope @ 10:35 AM | Tuesday, June 13, 2000 | (url: )

    Just kidding. Lee Rossini, Sierra's product manager, took the time to answer a few questions from the folks over at Here's the necessary clipping:

    Are you going to include any new mode of play to the game besides the one from the original game?

    Yes, several. "Rabbit" - a game of everyone vs. the guy with the flag until he's killed and someone new grabs the flag to become the "rabbit". "Hunters" - a variation on deathmatch where everyone who is killed drops a flag. You collect as many flags as possible. If you get killed, you drop your flag plus all the other flags you've collected. At some point you decide you've collected enough flags so you try to make it alive to the scoring Nexus. Several others have yet to be announced, but stay tuned....
    There you have it. Check out the rest here. And I, for one, would like to thank Lee and the entire Dev team once again for their continued presence in and support of the Tribes community. Thanks, guys!


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    Crunchy Update

    Submitted by: Calliope @ 10:26 AM | Tuesday, June 13, 2000 | (url: )

    I received an email from Crunchy regarding the released of his script Waypoint Manager. Here are the highlights, as he tells them:

    Waypoint Manager is a script for setting waypoints both automatically and manually. No more fiddling around with the pda trying to set a waypoint! You can set waypoints with one keypress. The script can set waypoints for you automatically by reacting to what is happening in the match. It has the following features:

    * Waypoint HUD which shows an icon representing the type of objective set.
    * Keys to set your waypoint to the friendly or enemy flag carriers (as seen in TargetFlag).
    * Option to automatically set waypoints to the friendly or enemy flag carriers when they take a flag.
    * Keys to set waypoints to your flag base or the enemy flag base.
    * Objective menu, which has a list of objectives that you can waypoint. This allows you to waypoint any objective shown in Objective HUD.
    * Waypoint support for any map you have (ie Base, OpenCall, DOX etc.
    * NewOpts option menu for setting of all the options and keys.
    For more information regarding Waypoints Manager and all of Crunchy's scripts, visit his site here.


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    Tonight on WSBN

    Submitted by: Calliope @ 10:21 AM | Tuesday, June 13, 2000 | (url: )

    WSBN is scheduled to shoutcast live tonight's scheduled match, Black Lance vs. Crimson Guard, for the #20 rung on the OGL ladder. The match is scheduled to begin at 10:15pm EST. To tune in, visit WSBN.


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