WTS Geared Elemental Shaman (3143 gearscore)

Well, its almost time to go off to college and i havent been playing this so im throwing it up and seein' if you guys want to buy it.

Got my level 80 elemental orc male shaman up for sale. He has really good gear: all from icc 10/25. go to WoW Heroes - World of Warcraft PvE character info & ratings and type in Phuse on The Venture Co- Horde. THe first set is a 3143 gear score raiding dps set with 4 pieces of tier ten...8-10k damage in ICC easily.

The second set is my pvp set...all of the pvp pieces with 1150 resilence epic-ly gemmed + enchanted. Also sitting on 3k arena points and 75k honor for you to do what you like with. :)

7k gold on the character and it its 475 enchant 475 mining...aka easy as heck to make money.

Character is a blast to play and pretty damn well geared, just dont ahve time to play anymore.

Serious offers please email me at amar.karamali at gmail dot com. I get it to my smart phone so i should be able to respond immediately.

Cheers, and feel free to ask any questions via email!
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Congratulations on your eminent entry into the real world. Vaginas are nice.

heh, i played this monday-thursday's when i was bored on school days...then as soon as summer hit i havent played since. i figure i might as well sell it if its sitting there.

i balanced wow and have a life/girl, u mad?