WTS: Battle.net Account (80 DK, 80 Sham, 80 Pal, SCII, +more)


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WTS: Battle.net Account (85 DK, 85 Sham, 85 Pal, SCII, +more)


UPDATED 1/16/11 since my lvl 80s are now 85.

Kel'Thuzad (Alliance) ((best Alliance PVP server))
85 Dwarf Shaman
85 Worgen Death Knight
85 Human Paladin

Shaman is Resto with ilvl of like 346, the epic pvp mace, shield, and gloves.

Death Knight has the FULL honor pvp set (aka don't have to buy anything with honor till next season) and the tier 1 epic 2h Axe. Like a 352 ilvl. He's Unholy, if you care..but can obviously be respec back to Frost since they're buffing 2h frost in 4.0.6.

Paladin is prot spec with ilvl of about 342 last I checked. He's the freshest 85, I just lost interest in raiding - so I lost interest in gearing him up quick.

If you're a seriously interested buyer and want to see Armory links, PM me.

There are also a few ~50+ alts (67 Druid, 50 Hunter, 45ish Priest, 57ish Warlock, and maybe a few others I'm forgetting). I'm also loaded with heirlooms - for every armor class and every weapon. Never level an alt again without the +20% xp from the shoulders/chest.

The Battle.net account also has Starcraft 2, Starcraft Anthology, Diablo 2 + Expansion, and Warcraft III (no expansion). So yeah, it's loaded up with all the Blizzard goodies. You should consider that part of the price..especially considering the SC2 part of it.

So yeah. Make me an offer. Nothing embarrassingly low, but at the same time I want to sell it quickly :)
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