WTS Account (80 Shaman and Hunter + more)


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I stopped playing before 3.1 came out, tried to get back into it a few weeks ago, but just not my game anymore.

80 Orc Resto Shaman - Has all 25 man gear from before Ulduar. Max Alchemy (Flask/Elixir) and like 2 or 3 points away from Max Leatherworking. Max Fishing and Cooking too. Green proto drake. Mostly resto gear, with some Ele gear in there (non mp5 set if you want it for that). Has a lot of titles and shit, top one is Twilight Vanquisher. I was somewhat of an achievement whore, so I have a decent amount of them.

80 Orc Hunter - This is my farming toon, but has some decent gear, mostly 10man stuff, but a few 25man. Max Herbalism and Skinning. Epic flyer. Good starter PVP set (I think it was close to 500 resil, mostly deadly glad gear? but I don't remember).

Both toons are on Tich

Other toons scattered around - 70 Troll Warrior, 40ish Dwarf Hunter, was in the process of twinking out a 19 Orc Hunter and has all the best gear for it (except for the chest from VC). Few other mid 20 and 30 toons around.

Either way, account is yours for 200 bucks or we can work something out. It's BNet enabled, and also has Diablo 2 on there. PM if interested, if I don't recognize you going to need some kind of verification from someone here that you are legit

edit: updated some stuff
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i'd buy that hunter but i dont want to pay for 2 accounts. either way best of luck with your sale and fourstar is legit people.
I bought the account and owned it for a total of 3 hours. I just decided against it and wanted to do something else and figured it was a bad idea.

I messaged him and told him i changed my mind and didnt want it anymore.
fourstar worked with me and gave me back my money and didnt even let me toss him 10 or 15 bucks for the headache.

He is a very honest trust worthy person and i'd trust him now with out a doubt. Good people.

thanks again man.
Don't think it warrants a new thread. But I was just wondering what I would need to do to sell my account. Been thinking about it. Just not sure how the procedure is. If someone could pm me about it. It'd be much appreciated.