WTS 3 85's + SC2


Veteran XX
85 Paladin- 353 ilvl. Beyond Raid Ready. Rare 1% drop Stone Drake mount out of Stonecore. Raid ready healing gear and spec as well. 525 Mining/Blacksmithing with all the good BS recipes. 152k hp unbuffed.

85 Warlock- 353 ilvl for pvp. 346 PVE(methinks). 2550 Resilience. Full vicious glad set. about 10k dps in heroics. 525 enchanting/tailoring most of the good recipes purchased.

85 Hunter- 346 ilvl for pvp. Gear isnt that great for pve. 2200 resilience. Have both arena weapons. Tamed the rare spirit cat from Zul'drak and the rare Turtle in Hyjal. 525 skinning/mining.

Also a 73 Warrior. 66 Shaman. Have all the plate Bind on account items on a 57 death knight.

30k gold, TONS of enchanting mats. and possibly a few Darkmoon decks by the time this account is sold.

SC2 account included.

PM if interested or for more info.
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