How come you have cael on ignore and still reply to him? Boy, u r a noob. I've pretended to have Lemon on ignore like a pro, I watched him cry and reeee and beg for me over 3 months until I finally had some mercy and ended with his suffering by saying "dude, I don't have anyone on ignore..."

Lemon was my pal, tbh. We had some kind of bromance since 2007. Great guy.. Too bad he died last month.. I miss him :( rip
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Anubis your new try hard persona isn’t working well. He doesn’t have anyone on ignore you retard
god bless the trolls



of course it is but y not just ignore him or this thread

u seem pretty salty bro

do u need a hug

he is very upset

he honestly can't help himself

he tells me to take my shit elsewhere

but then he follows me to that place to cry like a salt crusted cod fish all over again


all i ask him to do is post something of content or entertainment anywhere but here

but he can't do that