Well well well looks like you have a few big conspiracies yourself now don't you
Not asserting it's true, just asking if he considered the possibility.

Once he had, he next question will be how did he determine which one is more probable?
critical thinking

as an adult male who spends time not just watching, but lifelong imitating, a cartoon meant for 7 year old girls

that is funny ty
Pizzagate is back boys!

:lol: i haven't seen pizzagate in a long time

:lol: Yeah, people and their wild conspiracy theories.

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ughhhh wish someone would tire necklace his bad side already

poor kids

There's nothing about posting that that makes me feel okay, not physically, not mentally, sure as shit not spiritually.

The fact that it's those two clowns' running gag, burn in fucking hell.
i have come to the staunch conclusion that we are actually and largely run by (not just in USA, but globally) people far worse than actual satan worshiping pedos.......

and we got Amadeus making jokes about it......pandering for them

coincidentally or ironically idk