[UKRAINE] whose side are you on ??

[UKRAINE] whose side are you on ??

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I can’t even joke about these poor people. Honestly not much anyone is going to do about it. The risk reward just isn’t there. Doesn’t matter who is president, we were never going to do more than sanctions.

Get ready for a new wave of cheap labor refugees.
ss are you ever not wrong on any topic and ever not angry?

rent free

show me how angry you arent by dedicating a thread to me instead of crying about me here (tia buddy), look to mitch for professional advice too

btw, isnt your original name kotzenberg? why the name change?
Come on BOYS! Grab your weapons. It's time for Armageddon

Set the spaceships ready for launch! We gotto save our presidents and prime ministers before the nuclear warfare :heart:


Thank you world leaders for sending us to war! I'M SO HAPPY AND PROUD!

Thank you Trump and Xi for the Covid Virus and the gigavaxes! It sure was a lesson for us westerns to learn how resilient we can be!!

We are resilient! You can ask us to kill each other and we will proudly do it for your amusement, our holy masters of puppets!

get a load of this 1

what's the difference between havax and hitler?

srsly bruh i was axeing 4 a friend
if war spreasd to europe you can live here man

I'm not sure if Canada can resist a nuclear attack on USA tbh We might be all turned into roasted bacon :bacon:

However... We might have a slightly chance to survive in Antarctica!


Sounds like a plan! Shall we create a new nation of TribalWar in Antarctica before the end of the civilization. When the aliens arrive to pick up our nuclear waste pieces we attack them, take their ships and fly off to Europa moon.