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it's a good day so far gilligan I'm drinking coffee, smoking weed, about to shower and hit up the local bagel place for breakfast then maybe go to the park. What's your schedule look like?
are they tiles or bricks gilligan?

how is asking what they are an argument?

were you the high school debate champ?

do you see everything through that lens?

what's with the bullshit 10 minute time on the discord what kind of exclusionary tactic is this? come to free speech discord but first u must wait 10 minutes for admin approval
Just don't. 99.9999999999999999999999% of it is Dare saying some of the dumbest shit you've never seen or needed to see in your life.

Fucking don't.

Do you think he goes to sleep? Nope. 24/7. He's on some good shit.
Not open for further replies.