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Does slack have voice comms built in?

its janky, but yeah. guessing this is more for gaming, but most games have the grouping / voice comms built in

just hesitant to join a discord team when im already in 3 slack teams. too bad Sameroom doesn't work with discord
why do you people have to be difficult. just do the discord thing. i got a request to send to the irc scripts out so someone else could manage an irc server. 1) I have no idea how irc works, colosus did all that shit. 2) linode seems to have cancelled all my access to the old server once I cancelled, even though I paid through the month - so fuck those guys. 3) I don't know, I'd love to help make this work, but like I said I know nothing about IRC.
i thought this was more for chat (like irc) but it sounds like this is primarily for gaming, so discord makes sense.
I dunno, I think it is still for chat. I mean whomever used irc will just use discord now for the riveting late night conversations

thouggh discord can obviously be used for gaming as well
i think if u get 400 users or so and show them the website you get partnered and better quality voice comms, custom url, merch, etc

i made the midair discord and they got partnered after i gave it to the devs. it only had 300 users or so at the time i gave it over to get partnered
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