Tribes Draft Tournament



Tribes is almost dead, lets kick it back into gear for a while and have one last jizz in the pants.

Tournament Information:

We'll be drafting teams for 5 vs 5 LT base matches.
5 teams will play round-robin, and the team with the lowest points gets knocked out.
The remaining 4 teams will go into play-off mode, and all get double chances. The top team plays the bottom team while the two middle teams play eachother. The winners play to get in the finals, and the losers play to fight for another chance to get in the finals. The loser of the winners and the winner of the losers play to get into the finals.
The map order will go: DX, SH and HILDE if a third map is needed.
The maximum team limit is 8 players per team.
Matches will most-likely be held Thursday's and Sunday's.

How will things be ran?

The leaders of the tournament will organise a "draft night" for everybody to join in on IRC. Players MUST be on the list before sign-up closing day, or they will be unable to be picked. The captains will pick in the channel while the list is being updated by myself every pick. If there is too much spam and insults, captains will be directed to a private channel to pick on their own. After teams are set, captains will discuss match dates that best suit their team and then the dates will be posted here on TW. A set of ladder rules will be laid out, and any that do not abide will be banned from the ladder.

Drafted Teams:

-Panama Jack

-Apache Chief

-csq / ownlife

-The Stig

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Earlier on I requested a repick in IRC, and it was probably a mistake at the time with the knowledge I had, but I have come to believe it would of been the right choice.

Many players have came up to me and said they WILL NOT participate in this tournament unless a repick is issued. They believe ucl's team is stacked, and the tournament is unfair. I also believe this, as ucl has 5 regular good-skilled players, and most only have 2-3 regulars. It isn't ucl's fault, since he didn't pick the other teams, but the way it was handled wasn't good. It should not have been 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1, especially with ucl as 4th captain compared to others.

Like I said, without a repick, the tournament is over. Feel free to discuss it.
Players will withdraw and will not participate without a repick.
I also withdraw without one. Feel free to try and run things ucl, but all you'll have is your own stacked team owning the rest and anger.

This is what the teams look like now:
[Tournament] TEAMS [/Thread] by TribalCozA - TribalWar Forums

- CozA
when does this start / end

what nights will the games be happening?

i will "sign up"
This will start as soon as we are ready to get it underway, hopefully looking to next Sunday, possibly the Sunday after.

And the match dates will most likely be held on Sundays and Thursdays.