Tribes 3: Rivals play test.

ive never understood the fishsticks h8

seems like hes hated just cause his dads rich

but w/e

He is very transactional in his social connections.

He shamelessly uses bots and other similar services to bring attention to his "cause".

He misremembers, or misrepresents, his importance.

I don't want my hobby influenced by some data manipulating cheating sperg fag like fishstix because he's a billionaire and profits off Jews killing Muslims in gaza
Today at 11:11 AM
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Playtest again tomorrow night
Solstice — Today at 1:54 PM
Hey @everyone

As a heads up, we'll be opening playtesting again tomorrow tentatively. As we're getting closer to our Early Access release (March 12th), I want remind you that this will be our last playtest. As we are working through the last couple features we plan on having for EA, some things in this playtest may be in an unfinished state and have some temporary functionality and/or assets!

We'll keep you guys updated but you can look forward to our usual time tomorrow evening (EST)! :Tribes:

they're making ppl pay already? hasn't the game only been in dev for a few months?

trying 2 grab the cash as fast as possible so they can ditch and move to honorball or some shit idk
yeah im disinclined to pay until how I see they treat the game. introducing a game mode, then taking it out and saying 'brand new game now'. pay us $20 for both
y'all insane thinking high res is gonna not try to at least get something out of this failed "passion project"