Tribes 1.41 Summer Tourney Draft Results

Matchdate will be Sunday, August 25th, 2013.

I am working on caster coverage for the matches as well. If anyone is interested in making a further donation to support the casts, send me a pm. Otherwise I will be paying them on my own.

Teams will play in a round robin bo3 series. Top two teams of the RR will play in the finals. SS's of flags/match demos are still mandatory despite the 1.41 patch.

Map Pool:

Team Listing:

Team 1, -R-Us "-R-Us" - MasterAce, Opsayo, Danky, zip_, genocide, desertstorm, Scuzzle, Valcum, Beatstick, Rexkramer

Team 2, SEX|* "sexcellent" - The Morning Star, Dare, Jag420, Soulroll, Lecat, Cow, Bron, Dutch, Altimor, ROLO

Team 3 - Darkpiece, Player, Alarik, Lost, Icehawk, Navox, Skillz, Ryezor, RescueKitteh, Gimli

Team 4, [dls] "disk's lisping shamans" - Disk, Tool, Snow, Malice, Bizzy, Repairbot, Isuk@tribes, Killswitch, Citra, Halo

Team 5, [TPK] "The Pumpkin Kings" - Stork, Carnova, Izza, JJwtay, Zepto, Fire, Chexmix, Refried, VY, Hologram, Krayvok
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IRC is going to probably be the best way for teams to meetup and organize, so here is some info on how to get connected:

Download mIRC: mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client

Connect to Tribalwar IRC:

Join these rooms:


Type "/join #hackington" in any mIRC window to join a room.
well morning star team have 10 players + is dutch even gonna play? that make 9 if he don't show vs 11 of our team so Morning Star team gets 2 play more top picks more often scum cheater

got 2 get shit talk rolling here cum on
this dood already backing out of his guarantee

I will let my second team smash him first

heard it here first we aint just one team we two...prob play ourselves in the finals

we bad boy killaz