[TribalWarrior on Sci-Fi] Gameshow starts tonight (Tues/Mar10) @ 9cst/10est plzwatch!

I don't play games any more, but like I said I'm merely stating a fact that gamepads are inferior. It's indisputable. Sure a player can be good on a gamepad - against other gamepad players. If PC players were not artificially locked to the gamepad sensitivity rating and could play directly against Halo players on a console it would be an absolute joke.

Everyone is saying that mouse/keyboard is a superior control system. That's pretty much undeniable. As good as someone can be with a game pad, they'd be better on a keyboard (FPS games anyway).

well, you just said that a couple of posts ago. as you said, it's pretty much undeniable.

is not relevant to what i'm saying in the slightest though, so i'm not sure why you are repeating yourself

personally i look at it like this...console gamer? PC gamer? :shrug: gamer

i would say that people trying to write off all console players in a huge generalised 'lol gamepad' group are the ones with an inferiority complex. but that's just me
I used to be a die hard PC gamer until pirates & consoles killed the platform. When I got an XBox 360 it reenergized my passion for gaming.

Peace & Love, Peace & Love!
Here u go...

just watched the last ep, pretty cool show but it still saddens me that you didn't mention/reference tw during the whole thing.

but I did like the 1v1 quakelive interview, that was pretty awesome.