The History of Late-Gen LT(2005-Present)

lix told me how they all thought dutch was some really shy nerdy kid who was nasty at video games since he never talked to anyone

then they got him on voice chat and hes like angry mean fuck
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dutch is a darling dont listen to scum lix

3 v 5 4 v 5 were very fun on -e. we had lots of different challenges like everyone had to touch flag before cap, could only cap by doing set up back caps on rd and dx, each person could only use one weapon so someone would get stuck with only hand nades etc, very fun hehe also i am pretty sure i was first person to use silentkill, he was top tier player imo
i think i have better perspective on opsayo story now and with less awkward sperg shit. ill try to include stuff about 1.40 and sleepy that maybe people dont know about

when i came back i pinged 140 on a shitty laptop and was pretty useless. after a while i could kinda run routes and camp. the lastgasp tourney was nice because i learned some routes from vector/fett, but i got some weird habits from vector like dj'ing on hb all the fucking time. i kinda talked shit to everyone for no real reason. in my defense pinging 140 and really new to the game its pretty brutal to jump into a server of 32 pingers who have been playing lt for years

i got bit by a bug to learn lt so i went around and hassled pretty much every good player for demos. i spent way too much time watching demos and skiing around in empty servers doing loops. thorin used to give me a demo if i played donkey kong with him. sometimes we'd go through every map in the server late at night to try to find easter eggs, he called it 'questing'. theres some neat shit on massive_sides and that map called northern lights is cool too

there was this irc tribes trial thing it was basically about nonreg being mean to me it was gg

plenty of people were really nice to me to help me out but with 124-140 ping i got frustrated and looked for options (re: terp) but disk couldn't find where he put it and offered me wallhacks instead which i turned down (i remember getting mad because i wanted to be able to chain, not see through walls). another motivation for me to get 1.40 was that i finally got off the shitty laptop and bought a nice desktop but it still got really bad fps due to some ati compatibility issue and i heard 1.40 fixed that problem

eventually i did get 1.40 i think end of january (i had it about a month total before i released it). it was inevitable but snake and stork eventually found out i had it. i felt bad about being the only one having it because while most people pinged 32, i think stork pinged like 60. anyway after talking to lots of people in the beta they established that the project was definitely dead so i felt okay with releasing it. fuck you if you really think i'm the one who killed playtribes. after the leak the the beta forum looked for a scapegoat and blamed jaymz but on the record thats complete bullshit the project was totally fucked and no he didn't leak it to me although i tried

i also left my hackington password in the release

i got pretty good just from playing 24/7 (which tbh is how a lot of the later gen players got good, from playing the same game and maps over and over. imo very very few tribes players are actually good gamers)

pre-1.40 me and sleepy used to be similar, kinda shitty cappers that didn't know anything and couldnt kill. he always had a really big ego even when he was totally terrible and would tell me how hes basically as good as lix or non, or how hes figured out the game and has new ground breaking strategies and he would tell me this shit nightly. sometimes poncho and dare would carry him (*** synergy ***) and then he'd come back to tell me how hes mastered lt and whatever this is kind of where i started to get tired of him. dare said this stuff too but at least dare was good

when 1.40 came out there was a lot of drama about how there's no cheat protection and sleepy would keep asking me what that meant. i tried to explain how you could replace models in 1.40 and he kept asking me how to do that, asking for happyflag "just to test it out", etc. after a few weeks then suddenly he just up and stopped asking. later i got wind from other people saying he was going around telling everyone i was happyflagging

the next thing i can think is that sleepy got happymod from disk. he was still not very good around here so when he first started cheating he was staring at people through walls. he got banned pretty quickly and released hm and i tried to stick it out but i didnt last long. sleepy eventually got unbanned i guess and i got permabanned by mav because i would join the server with names like "fat mav happymodding". its hard to even call it cheating since happymod was openly available

fast forward a couple years and i just moved to sf and i started learning some basic reversing. i bugged lots of the really smart people in this community way too much and eventually was able to make that anticheat we call 1.41, or more accurately manage to get more mileage out of lasthope. i think 1.41 caused a lot of damage but did some good too.

for fun: lix and dutch were the best and copa is the coolest

here's all the demos i have of good lt players

if someone could rehost that so i dont have to have it on my dropbox that would be cool
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wtf is going on in here?


in like 03 after 1v1 scene in shifter settled that forg dmb zepp me and other ppl got broed so we branch out to other mods

many c00l things happen during this time

i was not invited idk i think i just started playing scrim shifter at that time. before it was sniopefest with tko in chem armor and flight pak
it would be pretty awesome if somebody could write about the evolution of the game. who did what first, when did flag passing start, who was best at each stage, etc etc.

but you would need like 4-5 guys to be semi-accurate. thorin/lix/anemix/dutch/some1 maybe lk for old stuff?

u late bloomer, maybe anemix out of that list really played LT throughout

edit: dutch was badass
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lma0 i just watch kee vs bitch demo of spunky aka zombie, at end of demo he ask 2 see masterace demo (aka accuse of cheating) when its obvious he was cheating