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Well, new evidence shows the CIA has turned on the American people... - Revolver News

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Well, new evidence shows the CIA has turned on the American people... - Revolver News


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Well, new evidence shows the CIA has turned on the American people…
March 14, 2024 (14 hours ago)

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The CIA’s job isn’t to turn its “intelligence” apparatus against Americans, but shockingly, that’s exactly what seems to be happening. Let’s rewind a bit. The January 6th rally was meant to be a pivotal moment, a gathering of Americans who felt robbed of their vote united in their demand for thorough election scrutiny. They weren’t asking for much—just for their voices to be heard and the 2020 election mess to be properly investigated. President Trump, anticipating the massive turnout, tried to call in the National Guard for safety. But, curiously, his requests were denied. Liz Cheney reportedly hid evidence of Trump’s attempts to get additional security.

The Federalist:

Former Rep. Liz Cheney’s January 6 Committee suppressed evidence that President Donald Trump pushed for 10,000 National Guard troops to protect the nation’s capital, a previously hidden transcript obtained by The Federalist shows.

Cheney and her committee falsely claimed they had “no evidence” to support Trump officials’ claims the White House had communicated its desire for 10,000 National Guard troops. In fact, an early transcribed interview conducted by the committee included precisely that evidence from a key source. The interview, which Cheney attended and personally participated in, was suppressed from public release until now.

Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato’s first transcribed interview with the committee was conducted on January 28, 2022. In it, he told Cheney and her investigators that he overheard White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows push Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to request as many National Guard troops as she needed to protect the city.

He also testified President Trump had suggested 10,000 would be needed to keep the peace at the public rallies and protests scheduled for January 6, 2021. Ornato also described White House frustration with Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller’s slow deployment of assistance on the afternoon of January 6, 2021.

Not only did the committee not accurately characterize the interview, they suppressed the transcript from public review. On top of that, committee allies began publishing critical stories and even conspiracy theories about Ornato ahead of follow-up interviews with him. Ornato was a career Secret Service official who had been detailed to the security position in the White House.

Cheney frequently points skeptics of her investigation to the Government Publishing Office website that posted, she said, “transcripts, documents, exhibits & our meticulously sourced 800+ page final report.” That website provides “supporting documents” to the claims made by Cheney and fellow anti-Trump enthusiasts.

So, why would they do all this? Well, some think the Deep State saw a perfect chance to corner President Trump and his supporters, leveraging the massive crowd and their election frustration to stage what would later be labeled an “insurrection.” And that’s where the FBI and, shockingly, the CIA step in.

New revelations from text messages have blown the lid off: the CIA was not just observing but actively involved in the chaos of January 6th, and now we know more about what these shadowy government agencies were up to, thanks to a lawsuit by Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch just got their hands on 88 pages of juicy ATF documents from the DOJ, and guess what they found? The CIA actually had boots on the ground in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021. How did Judicial Watch snag these records, you may be wondering? Well, no surprise, they had to drag the DOJ to court after a stone-cold silence on a FOIA request about “gunfire” in the Capitol and calls for ATF backup on that day. “These striking records show that CIA resources were deployed in reaction to the January 6 disturbance,” says Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

The CIA had “dog teams” on the ground that day.

Washington Examiner:

Newly unearthed communications records show for the first time that the CIA played limited but key roles during the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Some 88 pages of documents that Judicial Watch shared with Secrets reveal the spy agency put “several” dog teams on alert near the Capitol and that it assigned “bomb techs” to the House side neighborhood where explosive devices were found at Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee headquarters.

The revelations were in heavily redacted documents provided to Judicial Watch, which had sued under the Freedom of Information Act for intelligence communications on Jan. 6, 2021, when pro-Trump supporters went to the Capitol to urge an end to the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory, some violently.

While virtually all federal and city police had some involvement in dispatching the crowds that day, the CIA has remained in the background.

Day by day, it’s becoming clearer: the Capitol was swarming with FEDs from every US intelligence agency. It was an extensive operation, all aimed at entrapping Donald Trump. Both the protesters and Trump himself were set up. But as the old saying goes, the truth has a way of leaking out.



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it was a setup

the alphabet bois knew what they were doing they got the crowd all whipped up and like good little lemmings they went and committed federal crimes

I got out of the Discord debate circuit thinking something like this would eventually happen.

A few years ago I read an article about how prostitutes had begun making social media profiles on old networks like MySpace. It would be overlooked by law enforcement. I think in the future old forums that are not cached will be used the same way for political discussion.

I think an hour or two of social media a day is much more harmful than kids of the 90s who would watch garbage TV all day. We need to make a cultural shift where it's common to say the homeschooled kids are normal, but the social media kids are weird.
the NIH, the NIAID,,, are corrupt
none of them stood up to SCIENCE!!

The fourth anniversary of Faucism
We failed to fight them on the beaches, relinquishing freedom to bureaucrats
APR 04, 2024

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the birth of Faucism, in which an elfin bureaucrat uses a health emergency to shove people around and show what a big man he was. The birth was in Barbra Streisand’s backyard where police valiantly pursued and subdued a flagrant violator of the high and hideous crime of surfing on the high seas.

Gidget and the Beach Boys were hardest hit.

No, this was not a joke. This was an attack on the liberty of every American. The Faucists succeeded in using fear to remove us from our beaches and to strip us of our president, who so loved America and so wanted to make her great again that they impeached him twice.

Let us review as I go over an old post from my old blog. (And I thank Ed Driscoll at Instapundit for reviving it yesterday because we must remember the evil they unleashed in the name of protecting public health.)

Here is that post.

On April 3, 2020, the Daily Breeze reported, “Malibu surfer in handcuffs after enjoying empty, epic waves.”

Los Angeles County sheriff deputies arrested a man who was by himself in the ocean, in the name of stopping the spread of covid. The deputies were unmasked. It was a crazy time in which authorities erred on the side of authoritarianism to stop the spread of a virus.

The experts sided with closing down the world.

The LA Times reported, “Kim Prather, a leading atmospheric chemist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, wants to yell out her window at every surfer, runner, and biker she spots along the San Diego coast.”

She told the paper, I wouldn’t go in the water if you paid me $1 million right now.”


Covid is a virus. Viruses spread from person to person — or according to those covering up for Red China, from bat to person. And yet the government ordered everyone inside.

That was dumb. But it is worse. We now know by staying indoors and vegetating, people made themselves weaker.

NPR reported two days before Christmas 2022, “A regular exercise routine may significantly lower the chances of being hospitalized or even dying from COVID-19, recently published research shows.

“The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, examined the anonymized records of patients of Kaiser Permanente. The research examined a sample size of 194,191 adults who had a positive COVID-19 test between January 2020 and May 2021 and were asked to self-report their exercise patterns at least three times in the two years before contracting the virus.

“The always inactive group was defined as getting 10 minutes of exercise a week or less; mostly inactive meant between 10 and 60 minutes per week; some activity ranged between 60 and 150 minutes a week; consistently active translated into a median of 150 minutes or more per week and always active equaled more than 150 minutes per week on all self-assessments.”

I won’t go into the benefits of sunlight because I am no doctor. But I take Vitamin D gummies and as faithful readers know, I take as many top down drives as possible. This weekend was just a tad too cool for that.

But exercise makes sense, too.

And our Keystone Covid Cops got it 100% wrong.

Let us review.

ABC reported on April 8, 2020, “Former police officer arrested in park for throwing ball with daughter due to coronavirus social distancing rules.”

They live in the same house. Throwing the ball outdoors would not suddenly get them transmitting a virus to one another.

But he disrespected their authority. He's lucky they did not call him an insurrectionist.

Channel 10 in Philadelphia reported on July 25, 2020, “A state judge ruled Friday that New Jersey authorities can shut down a gym that has repeatedly defied Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order to remain closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The ruling held Atilis Gym in contempt of court. It authorized the state health department to put locks on the doors or put up barriers to ensure compliance.”

In light of the NPR report last week, the governor and the toady state judge sentenced people to death by not letting them exercise.

Haaretz reported on June 4, 2020, “As thousands of New Yorkers continue to take to the streets calling for racial justice following last week’s killing of George Floyd, members of the Orthodox community are calling out Mayor Bill de Blasio on what they see as a double standard.

“They are asking why large-scale demonstrations are taking place despite restrictions still being in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic, while houses of worship are shuttered – and after the Jewish community was singled out by de Blasio at the height of the outbreak for a perceived contravention of lockdown guidelines. Many, like the mayor, reject the comparison between the right to protest and the right to convene in religious institutions, but the position, voiced by some in the ultra-Orthodox community, highlights the growing divides between them and the city.”

It wasn’t a double standard. It was anti-Semitism. De Blasio is a communist and all communists hate religion especially Judaism.

Covid gave him and the rest of the authoritarians the opportunity to shut down churches because communists see religion as competing for the minds and souls of Americans.

Not everyone who panicked in the pandemic was a communist, of course. But they were wrong to ignore the law and the Constitution, which led to a huge error that likely cost lives.

We should learn from this because we failed to learn from the London Plague in 1665.

The plague was spread by fleas. Rats carried the fleas. The Lord Mayor of London did not fully understand this. He ordered the slaughter of all the dogs and the cats in the city. The rat population rose. The human population withered.

15% of Londoners died that year.

Covid is nowhere near as deadly, having killed less than 4/10ths of 1% of the population in the USA.

The real harm though is allowing the punks who run our public health system to push us around like this. I hope House Republicans have the intestinal fortitude to publicly shame these charlatans and make sure we never ever arrest another lone surfer for enjoying fresh air, sunshine and killer waves.

* * *

I left blogging because of Google censorship and started writing this newsletter. No ads. No fuss. No muss. If Substack mistreats me, I shall move on.

On the fourth anniversary of this travesty, nothing has changed. No one has gone to prison. There have been no public hearings. Winston Churchill’s generation fought them on the beaches. We were to afraid to even go to the beach.

Star Wars was wrong. Liberty does not die to thunderous applause; it dies in fear.

cliffs: Fuck You Vindster types

if you read this plas you should at least click the link and give him views
a jury of 12 peers

1. A. Without telling us your address, in what neighborhood do you live? For example, Upper East Side, Lower West Side, Inwood, etc.

B. How long have you lived there?

C. Are you a native New Yorker? If not, where did you live previously?

2. A. What do you do for a living?

B. How long have you been doing that?

C. If you are retired, please tell us what you did before you retired.

3. A. Who is your current employer?

B. How large is your current employer?

C. Are you self-employed or own your own business?

D. Who was your prior employer?

4. What is your educational background? For example, high school diploma, college degree, graduate degree, etc.

C. Are you a native New Yorker? If not, where did you live previously?

5. A. Are you married?

B. Have you ever been married?

C. Do you have any children?

6. A. If you are married, or living with another adult, what does that person do for a living?

B. If you have adult children, what do they do?

7. A. What do you like to do in your spare time?

B. Do you have any interests or hobbies?

8. A. Do you participate in any organizations or advocacy groups?

B. Which ones?

9. A. Have you ever served on a jury before? If you did, please tell us how long ago that was and whether that was in Criminal Court, Civil Court, or Grand Jury.

B. Without telling us the verdict, please tell us whether the jury reached a verdict.

10. Which of the following print publications, cable and or network programs, or online media such as websites, blogs, or social media platforms do you visit, read, or watch? (Read aloud)

New York Times
Wall Street Journal
USA Today
New York Post
New York Daily News
Huffington Post
Washington Post
Fox News
Truth Social
I do not follow the news
Tik Tok
Other (name)
11. Do you listen to or watch podcasts? If so, which ones?

12. Do you listen to talk radio? If so, which programs?

13. Have you, a relative, or a close friend ever been the victim of a crime. If so, please briefly tell us what happened?

14. Have you, a relative, or a close friend ever been employed by a law enforcement agency? tror example, the police, FBI, District Attorney's Office, Department of Correction, etc.

15. Have you, a relative, or a close friend ever been employed by a federal, state, or local government, including but not limited to the State of New York?

16. Have you, a relative, or close friend ever been employed in the accounting or finance field?

17. Have you, a relative or close friend ever had any education, training, or work experience in the legal field, including but not limited to practicing criminal or civil law?

18. A. Have you, a relative, or close friend had any experience or interaction with the criminal justice system, including a police officer or other type of law enforcement agent, which caused you to form an opinion, whether positive or negative, about the police or our criminal justice system?

B. If so, what was that experience?

C. Would that experience prevent you from being a fair and impartial juror in this case?

19. Have you, a relative, or a close friend ever been accused or convicted of committing a crime?

20. Do you, a relative, or a close friend have a pending criminal case?

21,. A. Do you have any political, moral, intellectual, or religious beliefs or opinions which might prevent you from following the Court's instructions on the law or which might slant your approach to this case?

B. Do you have any political, moral, intellectual or religious beliefs or opinions that would interfere with your ability to render a verdict in this criminal case?

22. Do you have a health condition that might interfere with your ability to be here on the appointed days and times or otherwise prevent you from serving as a juror?

23. Without telling us the name(s), do you take any medication that would prevent you from being able to concentrate or pay attention during the proceedings or during the deliberations?

24. Court proceedings normally end around 4:30 tn the afternoon though on rare occasions, we might work beyond that.Would your schedule and responsibilities permit you to work later if it were absolutely necessary to complete that day's work?

25. Do you practice a religion that would prevent you from sitting as a juror on any particular weekday or weeknight?

26. Can you give us an assurance that you will be fair and impartial and not base your decision in this case upon a bias or prejudice in favor of or against a person who may appear in this trial, on account of that person's race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, gender identity or expression, religion, religious practice, age, disability, sexual orientation or political views?

27. Can you promise to guard against allowing stereotypes or attitudes about individuals or about groups of people, referred to as an implicit bias, influence your decision?

28. Have you, a relative, or a close friend ever worked for any company or organization that is owned or run by Donald Trump of anyone in his family?

29. A. Have you, a relative, or a close friend ever worked or volunteered for a Trump presidential campaign, the Trump presidential administration, or any other political entity affiliated with Mr. Trump?

B. Have you ever attended a rally of campaign event for Donald Trump?

C. Are you signed up for or have you ever been signed up for, subscribed to, or followed any newsletter or email listserv run by or on behalf of Mr. Trump or the Trump Organization?

D. Do you currently follow Donald Trump on any social media site or have you done so in the past?

E. Have you, a relative, or a close friend ever worked or volunteered for any and-Trump group or organization?

F. Have you ever attended a rally or campaign event for any anti-Trump group or organization?

G. Are you signed up for or have you ever been signed up for, subscribed to, or followed any newsletter or email listserv run by or on behalf of any anti-Trump group or organization?

H. Do you currently follow any ant-Trump group or organization on any social media site, or have you done so in the past?

30. Have you ever considered yourself a supporter of or belonged to any of the following:

the QAnon movement
Proud Boys
Three Percenters
Boogaloo Boys
31. Do you have any strong opinions or firmly held beliefs about whether a former president may be criminally charged in state court?

32. Do you have any feelings of opinions about how Mr. Trump is being treated in this case?

33. Can you give us your assurance that you will decide this case solely on the evidence you see and hear in this courtroom and the law as the judge gives it?

34. Do you have any strong opinions or firmly held beliefs about former President Donald Trump, or the fact that he is a current candidate for president that would interfere with your ability to be a fair and impartial juror?

35. Have you read (or listened to audio) of any of the following books or podcasts by Michael Cohen or Mark Pomerantz? If so, please let us know if what you have heard or read affects your ability to be a fair an impartial juror in this case.

Disloyal: A Memoir (2020)
Mea Culpa (the podcast)
Revenge: How Donald Trump Weaponized the US Department of Justice Against His Critics
People Vs. Donald Trump (2023)
36. The defendant in this case has written a number of books. Have you read (or listened to audio) of any one or more of those books? If so, which ones?

37. Do you have any opinions about the legal limits governing political contributions?

38. Can you promise to set aside anything you may have heard or read about this case and render your verdict based solely on the evidence presented in this courtroom and the law as given to you by the judge?

39. Can you give us your absolute assurance that you will refrain from discussing this case with anyone in any manner and from watching, reading, or listening to any accounts of this case during the pendency of the trial?

40. Can you assure us that you will follow the judge's instructions on the law, including instructions on the definition of reasonable doubt and the presumption of innocence?

41. The United States Constitution provides that a defendant has no burden to introduce any evidence or to testi$r in a criminal case. If Mr. Trump chooses not to testify, of to introduce any evidence, can you give us your assurance that you will not hold that against him?

42. Is there any reason, whether it be a bias or something else, that would prevent you from being fair and impartial if you are selected as a juror for this case?

just a few questions for being on a jury to convict Trump
So Mike Christian Johnson just put it t a vote and with other RINOs&Dimos passed the
Federal Investigators Stalking Americans

awesome,, what a true patriot
saving democracy
Trump said kill that shit
but is standing kinda by the 'religious' DS nut