[T1 Release] TRIBES 2015

dynamite stick can i get ur official quote that

tao of tribes turned into a gay as fuck meme after the first few where it was just jokes about tribes talk drama and nothing about tribes ascend

now there r still tribes ascend spergs quoting tao of tribe stuff

i think tao of tribe being a t:a team was scum


that dude is repairbot, is that aka dynamitestick?

repairbot = dynamitestick?


u know one day andrew and dynamite stick might check twl and be like fuck this meph guy, i am not them -- fake andrew is what i was going for i suppose :\ what a loser move

wtf tao is not about meme tao is about oneness of bungholes, and spamming v.a.d. "move out of the way" right before u hit ma in their face, or have ~wtricc local as u grab a flag, this would show u at least beginning to understand tao

le sigh -- tao is so much yet little is needed to embrace

some ppl just dont get tao: they probably the type to ask their team to put beacons on side inventory on SB cause they need help spawn killing etc


The whole Tao thing is retarded. The last time dynamitestick played tribes he was raging hardcore and posting pics of him getting 20mas and claiming we all sucked at the game. For him to write the Tao of tribe is like lost writing a book on dating. HAHA LOST BURNS ARE STILL THE BEST