[T1 Release] TRIBES 2015

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I installed this and then tried to add the master server list lines (unofficial.zip) from the stickied post to my ServerPrefs.cs. When I refresh the list it freezes a progress bar at 50% and I don't see the additional masters under Options > Network. What did I do wrong?
If you don't see the additional master servers then something is already not right. Post your file contents (use pastebin or something).
just installed to find the blaster skin is one I made the better part of 10 years ago

very cool to see it again

Cool thanks. Are you thinking of updating anything for a 2016 distribution? I noticed that some essential binds are not even active. Essential to play mods besides base/LT. Also, the master server is running tribes0 address, which shows 6 servers only. bugs master server is showing 15 active servers.. And in order to use bugs master only, players need to add it manually in scripts or in game under network options. New players might not know what that even is :p
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