[T1 Release] TRIBES 2015

x was HF mod TG was TG mod gg

few small differences.

Like only jug could nuke in x.
TG laser sniper combo was under powered compared to x
on x you could head shot heavies and do 80% damage with the laser.
was gg's
didnt tg start as x andx was made by Lothar (who went to |CO| in v1g dropper comp land)

and |CO| was majorly involved in homolan federation

wat was t he difference between the homelan fag organization and tg

i thot homelan was openly evangelical christian or something rite

i know |CO| was. dealing with that kapaket guy who lead them was fucked
i know |CO| was. dealing with that kapaket guy who lead them was fucked

That douche was the leader of (SJ) back in the day when shifter was first around. He used to ban me n my bro because he couldnt understand how we were so good. We were always ranked #1 on the clq during those times when we used to scout stim b4 people knew about it and arb teleport

I was only 14 at the time trying to explain to these 30-40 y/o's how how to do basic shit. My dad and his friends had a clan where we met (SJ) for a lan party and my bro and I embarrassed these old guys who couldnt understand how we did any of the things we were doing with out outdated computers with shitty graphics.. When I seen how their shit looked I was amazed..
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yep i had a team when i was 11 or 12 or something on that server HIllhse which had shifter v2

it had a bunch of ppl and we had a website and i got to lead a bunch of adult grown men in tribal combat cuz i was the best lol shit fucks with my brain still

stim snipers or any sniper person in any mod is always wat the kids who got really really good at tribes were doing first b4 anything else
If it wasnt for my dad I wouldnt of played tribes. I still remember the day I seen him setting tribes up I was hooked. We had 4 computers in the den running on some shitty internet fucking shit up.. Good times..
shifter was pretty srs about its 2v2s and shit and some of thebest teams were brothers and twins

dmband zepp were identical twins i dk if megaman an deszo are or just brothers but they wer eboth very hard to beat unless u using some stacked super goat team