[T1 Release] TRIBES 2015


Veteran XX

Download: https://mega.nz/#!StJSEZxR!TF0XrLmWFqAVd0jvm1TQrJEzFD2pq3F2K9uRInM8Z5c

//TRIBES 2015//
My goal with this was to modernize TRIBES to not only bring back players from back in the day, but also to appeal to new ones who may have not heard of this game before.

-Drop down menus on the main menu screen do not resize up. To select cut off choices (e.g. Male voice #2, #3, #4, #5) edit Players.cs in config folder.
-Custom Script line on the main menu screen is hidden by default. To enable, edit PlayerSetup.gui.cs file in your base\gui file. Change lines 761 and 791 from FALSE to TRUE.
-Options menu is incomplete for certain graphics.
-Certain text in binds/filters is cutoff.
-FOV above 117 will crash the game.
-Game will crash if you try to take a screenshot in a resolution above 1920x1080.

[T1 Release] TRIBES 2015 by FSB-SPY - TribalWar Forums


v1.1 May 21st, 2015
-Supports all resolutions. Big thank you to Groove for adding this in!
-lushDML, mudDML, and marsDML terrain textures updated to 512x sizes: Index of /damaster/HD Collection/(8 bit) Terrains
-512x sizes player skins: Index of /damaster/HD Collection/HQ Base Armors
-HQ base textures: Index of /damaster/HD Collection/HDBaseTextures
-FOV changed from 90 to 110
-Shadows enabled
-Stock disc launcher skin (hi-res version)
-ClientSideExplosions set to False
-Groove's MarsDay sky
-AutoHealthKit script added
-New jetpack trails
-Hi-res grenade explosion
-Extras folder removed
-Groove's LoDFix for weapon animations added
-Mute script to suppress voicepack spam. Remove MuteVoicePacks.asc.cs if you want to use voicepacks

v1.0 March 22nd, 2015

RC4 March 21st, 2015
-Hi-res disc explosion (additional hi-res one in Extras folder)
-Cheeserepair enabled (auto buy 6 health kits at inventory station for fast heal)
-12favs script added
-fixed alignment on cancel button on server screen for 1920x

RC3 March 18th, 2015
-Dialog boxes

RC2 March 17th, 2015
-Added 1920x1080 resolution. Thanks to Jaymz, Milk-Man, and Groove for testing.

RC1 March 14th, 2015

-Jaymz for the original inspiration of re-working the GUI.
-Groove for his 1.40 Basic config, new plugins he created, and the countless private messages he endured. (no scriptGL used in TRIBES 2015)
-Laughing-Stork for providing the footage to create the TRIBES 2015 video.
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this is seriously awesome

i hate to say it but its nicer than any config i ever put out ;)

that font is just so slick
nah you took that shit to a hole nutha level


just got a chance to take a look at the disc xplosions, so sweet
it would be cool to make the map come up instantly when u hit a button instead of 1 second delay, that way there would be virtually no need for a minimap
resizin the chat hud moves it higher up on the screen

is there a quick hud editor

yeah that's a problem with putting the chat so low - it'll move up if it needs the space and wont go back down automatically - prolly why spy unbound the key

u can just hit K and drag it back, or u could rebind the resize key to a smarter script that moves it back when it goes smaller
Yeah I usually just use page scroll up/down to scroll the chathud vs expanding it. I unbound it because I would accidentally hit it and then it would be out of alignment. :p