So my stupid smoke detector's going off for no reason

kept happening to me at an apartment a long time ago, happened to the whole building. First time I disconnected it, which made maintenance come around and check every apartment till they found mine, then they billed me $70. I was pretty pissed.

Happened again and I disconnected it again, but reconnected it the next morning. Faxed them a letter on some fake letterhead of a local law firm with an invoice for $220 dollars, citing hotel fees and loss of time. They sent me a check.
No gas lines in here. This is Florida, after all.

I'm not sure how long it takes carbon monoxide to knock you out, but this has been going on for almost 15 minutes now, so I'm pretty sure I should be unconscious by now. Being as I'm not, I'm almost certain it's not a gas leak. :f

Don't need natural gas for carbon monoxide poisoning.

In fact it is more common with oil burners.

And a natural gas leak would not set off a smoke detector. And you would know right away because of the thoil odorant added to it
The reason he may be able to unhook it is if it is not a $9.99 detector you buy at walmart but is part of a centrally wired system which goes to a main fire alarm control panel.

if he tampered with it, either building maintenance or a central monitoring station would see. tampering with a fire alarm system is a criminal offense and probably also a violation of his renters policy.

however, i would call maintenance to have it repaired. if you wanted it repair ASAP, remind them that 1) it is a life safety device and 2) it is fire code for all life safety devices to be repaired forthwith.

at my job with the state, if there is a non-working life safety device in an occupied building, i order the alarm technician to be recalled immediately to repair at the property owner's expense...