did this really happen again because when i left last night things seemed to be going smoothly and i wanted him to have some private pu time without ppl he has ptsd from

did u troll him aaron

u cant do that shit at 3am if so

if he came in and was just wacky tho who cares
ya he was sperging around the map practicing "routes" that he made up for upcoming matches (which were pathetic btw) then he just randomly flip out and say he wishes people like us wern't in the tribe community cause we don't agree with his balanced mode.

Then to top it all off he starts back stabbing lix and anemix saying that they are over rated and even if they sho up to the tourney our team will loose because his team is better or some shit like this.

So i confronted him and said maybe you should have some respect for vets, who played long b4 you stated and he banned me from server.
ya he said the same shit about lix and anemix (and many other elite ppl only recently returning) around meph and me and other ppl the other night as well

i found it disrespectful as these ppl never really get rusty and often willfully play with handicaps to make things even teamed or as fair as possible (like minimal or no cg or never using interpolate not wanting to stack teams for blow outs etc)

its good that they are returning we shouldn't be egoing out about beating them a couple times when they first get back

the propensity to behave like this in opsayo caught me off guard awhile back but it seems like more ppl are starting to notice

which sucks

i hope he cleans himself up etc
i will say: given australia founded as penal colony, then we can assume there was inherent prisoner hostility from green

given that root of opsayo is Operater, Say Yo; it stands to reason that this was classic warden vs. prisoner

prisoner lost and is now in appellate phase

but srsly seems silly to talk shit about players like anemix who play "asher-type of gameplay" << u kno what i mean? and will stop a cap midroute jus tto change teams and show u another route nice guy
just dumb to call these ppl rusty or say you are on their level or better than them cuz they suck now etc

ive never heard these endorsements of the ppl from the ppl that name drop them. i dont think theyve even been said

if he was questing for it thats approval seeking and fucked imo

he shuld just play the game for the love of the game and stop the ego hierarchies imo

this thread culd be totally made up by green tho to try to make things regress but if other ppl were there ill believe him
i got it all on demo he flipped out ask dp first he said "dp why dont you like balanced mode"

Then dp was like its not needed.

Then opsayo said but what if you get an important match and your team gets bf...or rd

So then i was like change it to bf or rd and you tell me which one has a stacked side...

Then he was like the one with the front route..

and i was like they both have front routes wtf?

then he was like nahe the one with the hidden front route?

and i was like they are both the same?

Just cause you only run front routes thats why you think bf is stacked

He then proceeded to belittle lix and anemix.
this is the umpteenth time you guys go on some kind of manic attack and unleash more crazy on tw and just start drama.

the last time while i was skiing around by myself dare joined the server and poked me for 10 minutes asking if i thought i was better than lix, which i ignored. then you got mad and told me to answer you. i woke up the next morning and there was a long angry violent rant from you calling me a faggot and telling me not to talk shit about lix

last night in the server while asher and i were doing routes and beacon tricks he was asking me if he felt they were overrated, being first pick. i said they were godly players, they just don't practice or play anymore. they're still the best players on his team. i wake up to another manic angry thread. a few threads below this one, green made a thread calling anemix overrated: PU games by machine88aus - TribalWar Forums. do you really think i'm the one going out of my way to tell people anemix is overrated?

why would i ever talk shit about lix or anemix? ever? they've always been super nice and respectful to me, they shared tons of demos with me, they showed me routes, and taught me how to play. they never ever talk shit and they're the best cappers to ever play. are you two projecting or something? how many "no more drama" threads can you make while simultaneously being the sole source of drama in the entire community? i literally mute you two in game so we never talk.

post the demo green. last night you wanted to show me bf routes and i gave you admin, then i wake up to this made up thread instead.
okay so this was not a made up drama and is confirmed real

wow gfg

way to go green u r truly sicker than me i think LOL
you guys are weird

but thx for letting me cpt in pu.

retiring with my 3 and 0 win streak

vab nothing left 2 prove

fsb magnetic team capt

"spy what do u want to play?"

"idk whatevers left after u guys pick what u wnat"

what a fukn guy

step 1 - be spy
step 2- draft opsayo / ice

that dx was p high level even if we had to switch asher after 3 minutes