[official] tao of tribe

The Tao Te Ching has several verses that address the nature of conflict between peoples and nations. Below are a couple of these passages from the modern interpretation by Ralph Alan Dale:

Verse 68

The best soldier fights

without vengeance,

without anger

and without hate.

He puts himself humbly

below his comrades,

thereby eliciting

the highest loyalty from them.

This is the power of non-belligerence

and cooperation.

It is the ancient path to the Great Integrity [Tao].

Verse 69

There is a saying among those wise in military affairs:

“We do not act as hosts taking initiative,

but would rather be the guest assuming the defensive posture.

Rather than advancing one inch,

we would rather retreat one foot.”

This is called advancing without moving,

rolling up one’s sleeves without baring one’s arms,

fighting without weapons,

capturing the enemy without attacking.

There is no greater disaster

than boasting of one’s invincilbility.

Such boasts lead to the loss of the Three Treasures.

[note: the Three Treasures, from Verse 67, are love, moderation, and humility]

Therefore, when two opposing sides meet in battle,

the one without an enemy

will be victorious.
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