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i thought it was because on the last major competitive revival when pd vs io basically brought allstar goat teams the mod still crashed horribly and ppl said fuck it and finally moved on

and that guy bezerker died
yes but only in ur shitty mod that had spawn favs. clipped d in real shifter where base rape was real was stupid.... you could even put certain things in certain places and if you dont run software graphics you could never see it to kill it... fuvk you and your shitty shifter.
ah yes the clipped D, I think the emp turret in renegades could do that if I remember if placed somewhere properly the turret would pop up out of building and shoot away, but you can still kill it, only if it pops up oh and no gay spawn favs in ren, but obviously we wouldnt get those clipped stuff in Midair
u culd reinforce flag d by implanting it through walls and shit and stack turrets inside each other

shifter had an amazing builder mod for fort and castle building before it really existed
big debate on the closed forums about including permanent flag iffs (happy mod)

right now most are siding with letting it slide in pubs like t2 and having a vote option to shut it off

There should be no flag icon. That is the worst addition to tribes ever. Moveable flag? I'm on the fence about that one. If I HAD to tip to one side, I guess moveable is cool. But the flag icon is just stupid. When that shit started in games I was mind blown. Coming from t1 and UT99 where you had to use teamwork to find it, it just hurts my brain.
i get the teamwork argument however, hide and go fuck yourself is boring IMO. further, prior to happy flag i can likely count on one hand the number of times the flag was 'lost' in a comp match.

those few occasions just led to frustrating boring gameplay - again IMO.

also with the creativity walls keeping flags hemmed into a fairly well defined area there really is no ability to hide like in t1's infinite landscapes. meaning with or w/o the indicator you're not really 'hiding' anywhere with the flag. stand offs will just be games of rabbit and flag passing with or without the indicator.
t1 time forced flag returns if you went oob. there was no 'hiding like in t1's infinite landscapes'

its basically exactly like midair except that you had a few seconds to cross back into the mission area instead of it bouncing it off immediately if you brush up against the grid
Midair has TWO oob grids. There's usually less than 10 meters between them, too.

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midair player skill tiers and reviews list

rtcll - goat

stork - best capper

japes and nark - p deec

izza - takin names

dili hacks clearly with autoaim

this espirit guy may be meph on 2nd account

dark lord got a big ego

projectile uses chaingun

swordfish - proud black male possibly identifies proud as Mulato too

fettucine - boss dawgin

elixir - ?????????????

meph - k8

slush - big drunk homo

dare a solid 4th or 5th pick (35th greatest tribe player ever!)

implosions best swing home d of 2016 era LT (carrying on copacetic's legacy of truth and justice)

melur tool and boris - best

sleepy - the next talespin
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