[Mega] MAGA Super Trump Mega Thread

I may have solved the homeless "problem" in LA.

The reported number of homeless in LA county is 40K.
The number of city employees working with the homeless that make over 150K each? 20K. So, (wait for it) Buy (or build) a small a house for every homeless person and the problem is solved.

Don't like that? Well, the salaries alone equate to 3,000,000,000 dollars. Anyone with half a brain could fix the problem with that amount of money. Pretty sure that the 20K people making 150K each don't really want to see the end of the "problem".

you just put a whole shit load of people out of work
better double those houses

Don't have a fucking weak immune system... play in the dirt.
I took a gf to see this guy in San Diego. He was old, I was young. Had to be around 1982? I've either heard Carlin on youtube doing this gig or it was around the same time. true is true
stop being pussies
or lick vanster's...
Let's just suppose Trumpasaur said that a magical rainbow unicorn stole the election from him, but his lawyers claim, correctly, that it is unconstitutional to impeach a private citizen. Trumpasaur clings to his magical rainbow unicorn theory, even though it's so goddamn retarded. And his lawyers say stfu you stupid fucking Low Grade Imbecile and let us handle this. But NOOOOOOO the Trumpasaur wants the magical rainbow unicorn defense.

Hint: it's not as magical as the: Chewbacca: defense.
Nope. I was #42

I remember her. I think she made me a sign also saying "Fuck you Vanster, but thanks for the votes." We meddled in some vote in a contest and won her some breasts?
Where does Tehvul rank on being a potential domestic terrorist?

When china hits my state, like they like to do, it is not the whores at the fbi who deploy their girls to protect critical infrastructure. It is me who does. That is why ching chong attacks on my state are meaningless.

Are you fat?

Well if red was in Australia he would probably be locked up, but fortunately for him he lives in a free country (atm).

I have open invite, by the only woman I love, to go live in Switzerland. However I am American. My place is here. In the greatest Republic the world has ever known.
You know those women you meet on the porn chat sites don't really love you right?

I wouldn't know. Interesting that you know. I was referring to a woman I have known for several years. She was working at CERN but she is running her own team now. Time difference is a pain but we still speak via phone.

EDIT: You niggers think you know me, but you do not know me.

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