[Mega] MAGA Super Trump Mega Thread

Pretty good chance this is fake, but it makes a good point.

Damn trump voters are so violent

oh, wait, that was an autistic hillary supporter mad this guy stood between him and his chicken tenders

Lucas Abreu on Twitter:

The sissy la la's are attempting to justify his actions because he has Aspergers. SMH

If his illness prevents him from not violently attacking someone speaking perhaps he should not be allowed to associate with the rest of society who don't fancy the idea of being attacked?

Surely a mental asylum somewhere has an empty bed? That way he can receive the medical/mental care he requires while being limited in his capacity to harm innocent people.
The funny thing is they all chanted "Shame Shame Shame" at him.... Yes, they were shaming a handicapped person.
I pretty much treat every unconfirmed pic as a false flag

it probably is false flag. the difference between trump supporters and the liberal media suckers is that we actually do try to pay attention and make sure it's true before we flip shit.
CNN (Clinton News Network) shows the popular vote as follows.

Trump: 60,717,356

Clinton: 61,594,004

Now subtract the 3,000,000 votes from illegals and we get 58,593,296 for Clinton.

Trump clearly won the Popular vote as well.
Rumors are swirling that Trump has opted not to live in the White House. He's apparently determined that he's already living in his detractors' heads rent free.